Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday

Ryan and I both talked about how funny it would be to fake people out and say we're pregnant since it's April Fool's Day and all, but then everyone and their mother did the same thing.  And totally ruined it!  So, don't worry we're not pregnant, nor do we have the creativity to come up with any other semi-elaborate pranks, apparently. 

The good news is we did have an extraordinary Easter Sunday.  Miss Lyla Rose was pretty much born for Easter, with it being filled with bunnies and candy - her two favorite things in the world.  She's also at just the perfect age to actually (somewhat) appreciate it, which makes it all even better.

Here's a boatload of photos from our fun little day!

the basket.

that darn bunny left a trail of candy filled eggs!
(which the cats promptly and completely ruined.)

total basket destruction in 5 seconds flat

givin some loves to her new pink cat.

what's Easter without a little spiked milk?!

have your people call my people
post church taco bell.  it happened.  and it was delightful.

i mean.  cutest ever?  i think so.

those lips...they're smooch machines.

trying my damndest to get the girl outside for some photos. 
she was later forced.  completely against her will.

which did not result in the best photos ever.

i told you...smooch machines

these two!

be still my heart

found a wild animal!

at least HE thinks he's a wild animal.
searching high and low for those eggs!

another basket from Joan, her nanny.

cake before bed.  always a good idea.
Hope your Easter was fun too!
- K


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Kate! Miss you! Hope you had a good Easter! xo

  2. So adorable. This brings me back to my childhood when I was so excited to go through my Easter basket!


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  3. ohhh my goodness what a cutie! she's the sweetest little thing, just look at those cheeks! and i love her outfit, she's so bright and coarally- and i love how she matches your skirt! my favorite picture was her sitting and holding hands with her dad, that is the sweetest thing :)

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. I love the pictures with the stuffed animals...looked like she enjoyed Easter! I am sure it is so fun to start sharing all of the holidays with her!

  5. What a good looking family! Thanks for sharing the great memories!

  6. You guys are so cute! Your Easter sounds like it was perfect...sort of like your hair (OMG!!) Love this! Glad I found your blog! <3