Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Chapman Christmas Vacation - Texas Edition

Last month we packed up the troops and took them on a 2 week tour that included 2 states, 2 climates, 2 new teeth and at least 2 days of questioning why we'd ever booked the trip to begin with.  ;)

We started out in Fort Worth, TX to celebrate Auntie Kate graduating from TCU with her nursing degree!  The long weekend in TX was jam packed with celebrations and ceremonies.  Lyla's description of it sounds something like this: "it was all hurry up and go here and hurry up and rest and hurry up for dinner!  There was LITERALLY only ONE day for relaxing!!!"

They really did have to put up with a lot of grown up events, and they did pretty darn well all things considered.  The last day we got to spend a really fun, low key day at the Stock Yards before heading to the airport and Denver.  The girls loved it, and Lyla was even considering becoming a Horned Frog herself!  :)

To our Auntie Kate - we know how hard you worked over the last 4 (1/2) years and we're so proud of you!!  You deserve every bit of your success, and you're going to be the best nurse out there!  So glad we could be there to celebrate with you.  XO

Here are some pics!

- K

Had to take them to their first In-N-Out!

The first night was the grad party for Kate and her nursing besties.

Prepping for the pinning ceremony!  If this isn't the most handsome thing you've ever seen, I don't know what is.

This is my most favorite candid of all times.  Sis was not handling her skipped nap well, and Ryan and I were clearly not amused.  Look at that snarl on Ryan's lips.  Ha!

Post pinning ceremony / pre dinner nap time.  Teething had this guy not wanting to sleep anywhere but in my arms.  Which I kind of loved.

Loving on Great Grandma at dinner!

Bouncing our babies.  :)

The whole fam!

Sleeping on Grammy during the entire graduation ceremony.  So rude.  ;)

The graduate!!

Watching the cattle drive in the Stock Yards.

Had to stop for some real BBQ.  It did not disappoint!

Future Horned Frog right there!  :)

Evie couldn't stop singing Jingle Bells and Santa Clause is Coming to Town and Mrs. Clause was smitten.  She lead us to this Texan Santa and they had to get a pic.  :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Photos!

I talked (read: bribed) all the littles into doing a mini Christmas photo sesh with me the other day in hopes of having a decent enough picture for Christmas cards.  They were great troopers and I got some pretty cute pics, then ordered the cards with super speedy express service since we leave for TX and CO this week.  The cards were supposed to be here today, but turns out they have to actually give the package to FedEx, not just create the they may or may not be sent by Christmas.

Here's to New Year's cards!  And here are some of the cute photos from that day.  :)

- K

Monday, December 11, 2017


I had every intention of only posting a few photos from the highlights of November, like Grandma and Pop coming to visit, Thanksgiving and picking out our Christmas tree.  But then I started going through my camera roll and it felt like they were all highlights in this little life of ours, so here you go...a million pictures recapping one very fast month over here.  ;)

- K

A boy turned 4 months!

And practiced lots of tummy time.

I posted this on IG, and laughed when I saw it again.  The room is a disaster but you couldn't tell at all on IG.  So here you go...the real deal.  ;)

We ran out of diapers one day, and ended up in big sister's left over pull ups.  Let's be honest...he'll be seeing these Hello Kitty pull ups again some day.  It would be just plain wasteful to throw them all out!  ;)

Dinner at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co with Grandma and Pop!  Our side of the booth is getting pretty full.  :)

Grandma and Row!

We went to the aquarium and all we got was this lousy picture.  ;)

Pop and the boy!

Cutest guy.

More often than not this guy ends up with something on his head when he's nursing.  A toy standing on top, a headband...the big sisters always leave their calling card.  ;)

She wanted me to take her pic on top of this rock.  Cute lil thing.

He's definitely not running low on kisses around here.


Row started eating solids!  This was actually his very first taste...he was unsure about the whole thing.

We got to attend Lyla's Veteran's Day celebration at school.  There was a 21 gun salute and everything!

We had our first snow!  It was about a 1/4 inch, and only stuck to the streets and driveway.  But the girls bundled up anyways and raced outside for driveway snow angels.

Lyla lost her first tooth!

Love that toothless smile!  On both of them!  ;)

Such a handsome little guy.

Bundled up!

He won't take a paci or his thumb, but he does love to chew on his blankies...which is something his daddy did when he was little.  :)

There were lots of Big Sister cuddles!

And lots of bath play time.  :)

Mr. Chunkers

And another tooth gone!

We made Thanksgiving cupcakes for Evie's class.

She had a few "tastes."

There was lots of practicing our pouty "PLEEEEEEEAAAAASSEEE" faces.

And we learned to grab our toes!

And we took more bath pictures.  ;)

We had an impromptu Fancy Nancy night!  We were meeting dad at a local burger & beer place called Lion's Tap.  The girls declared it the King's Crown and accessorized to the max.

Thanksgiving morning cuddles.  :)

Row lookin' all dapper with his dad.

We headed to Hudson, WI for dinner with Goan and Dave!

Thanksgiving selfies.  :)

First Thanksgiving!

Coloring butterflies with my girl.

The whole crew!

That weekend we picked up our tree!

And put up our decorations with so many helpful little hands.  ;)

Row decided he was ready for some meat and snagged bacon off my plate when I wasn't looking!

It was a pretty good month.  :)