Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter Weekend!

We started out Easter weekend with a bang.  Ryan got home from a work trip Friday afternoon, so we loaded up the girls and took them to the mall to see the Easter bunny at right about dinner time - thinking it would be less hectic than the next day.  Boy were we wrong.  After an hour and a half of waiting in line and taking turns eating food court meals so we wouldn't lose our place, we finally made it to the bunny.  And Sis flat out refused to have anything to do with him.  So we snapped a quick pic of Lyla and got the H outta there.

Saturday we took them to a nearby nursery where they had live bunnies to pet and hold for kids.  I was sort of expecting a petting zoo kind of thing, but again, I was wrong.  We stood in line for another hour+ as they only let one family at a time interact with the 2 bunnies. 

Sunday was beautiful, and we didn't even wait in any lines!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the girls loved everything about Easter day - the bunny prints in the house, the baskets, the candy, church and brunch with their favorite person on Earth - Goan, the egg hunt, everything!  It couldn't have been a better way to wrap up the weekend.

Here are some pics!

- K

Monday, April 10, 2017

Spring Break!

Today was Lyla's first day back to school after her first ever spring break!  There was plenty of sun (and some rain), drinking (orange juice) and nudity (Evie), breakfast in bed, outdoor adventures, and ice cream.  Pretty much everything you'd expect from any spring break.  ;)

It was an awesome week.  There's nothing I love more than having less plans, less timelines, less stress.  Getting to slow down and focus a little more on fun is my cup of tea.  And that's just what we did.  Nothing big, just fun little outings and a lot of putzing around at home.  It was absolutely perfect!

Here are some pics!

- K

Finally getting some time outdoors!!!

Back to rain and cold, but we made the most out of it!

Lyla's latest obsession is breakfast in bed.  Which she offers to sleep in for, so I gladly oblige.  ;)

Soakin' up those rays!

She's a professional with no training wheels already! 

The weather was so good we picked up ice cream and headed to the park!

Evie thoroughly enjoyed hers.


Sweet sister cuddles!

Spent another cooler day seeing Boss Babies.

Gotta love those 3D glasses.  ;)

Kevvy cuddles!

And a birthday celebration!!

Grandma and Pop made it out for Ryan's birthday weekend.  More on that later!!  :)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Life Lately

Life has felt a little hectic lately.  I feel like it's always "hurry-up-and-go!" right now.  Hurry up and get Lyla to school!  Hurry up and pick her up!  Hurry up and get lunch in bellies and kids down for naps.  Hurry up and make dinner!  Hurry up and EAT YOUR DINNER.  Hurry up and baths and bed and sit down for maybe just a second of quiet...until someone gets out of bed and needs something.

We have 3 year old drama and 5 year old drama, and learning how to respond to all the sibling fighting is a whole new parental curveball.  There's also been at least a little bit of pregnant lady drama.  I've had a couple of my own total meltdowns, and more nights have ended with tears than I'd like to admit. 

This stage is so, so wonderful, but it is also so hard.  I want so badly to be able to soak it all in and enjoy these little people while they're still little, but sometimes they just make themselves a little hard to enjoy.  And sometimes I want to run screaming.  But I sit here and look back at my pictures and all I see are smiles and a heck of a lot of love, and all I can think is that life is so good.  There are plenty of difficult moments, but there are so many more good ones.

This weekend happened to have a lot of those good moments.  We were as busy as ever, but we had so much as a family.  We had an early morning donut date in our jammies, a date night (!!!), a birthday party and an impromptu family night at Chuck E. Cheese. 

Love these people so much.  None of us are perfect, but we're so perfect for each other.

- K

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Birthday Dinner!

As we approached Evie's 3rd birthday I kept asking her where she wanted to go to dinner to celebrate.  Every single time she'd quickly reply "McDonald's!", and every single time I'd try to talk her into something a little fancier - Rainforest CafĂ© or Cheesecake Factory or the hibachi place we went to for Lyla's birthday.  After probably the 10th time with the same response I finally realized how silly I was to push some "fancy" idea on her.  McDonald's?  What baby wants, baby gets!

Before we headed to McDonald's I found Lyla and Evie in Lyla's closet getting all dressed up and applying makeup.  They were the perfect combination of Fancy Nancy and Jem and the Holograms.  They were the fanciest girls at the restaurant, and they had the best time I think they've ever had at any dinner.  Evie ran around the Play Place with her gigantic ice cream cone like she owned it, and told me it was the "best party ever!" over and over.

It was the cutest birthday dinner for the cutest 3 year old.  :)  Happy birthday, Evie Sis!  We love you so!!

- mama