Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Last Wednesday was Lyla's first official holiday break from school, and one of the funnest days we've had all year.  She woke begging to help make pumpkin pie, so before we even got to breakfast we were whipping up our favorite pumpkin pie recipe.  As soon as the pie was in the oven we had to head outside to play in the fresh snow.  It was the perfect snow weather - a rarity in MN - and the girls had a blast.  There were snowball fights and snowmen and snow angels, then we finally headed in for scrambled eggs and hot cocoa.  Pretty much the cutest start to a holiday break ever.

The next day we headed to the gym for our traditional Thanksgiving workout, which makes you feel just a little bit better about those pumpkin cinnamon rolls we eat afterwards.  :)  Joan and Dave came over for our Thanksgiving feast, and then we all headed to Moana.  It was the best Thanksgiving we've had in a long time.  There were no meltdowns, except when Ryan realized he hadn't bought enough oil for the turkey fryer.  For the third year in a row.  ;)  But the girls were so great, buzzing around the kitchen with us ladies, and playing outside with the guys and the turkeys.  It was just so simple and easy and fun.

We have so very much to be thankful for this year, even more than usual.  Ryan and I spend a lot of nights reflecting about just how amazing this year, and even more so these last couple of months, have been.  It's been a real season of trusting in God's path and provision for our family, and through it all his goodness and faithfulness have shone through.

So much love to our family and friends!  We are always and forever thankful for each of you.


- K

Grape eyes and a celery nose were the best we could do for this little guy.  :)

The Chapman snowman family!
Thanksgiving morning gym selfie.  :)

The best cinnamon rolls in the world.  The girls insisted on sprinkles this year.  :)

The cutest little pilgrim.

The only pic of the whole group from Thanksgiving.  Frying up turkeys on the driveway.  :)  Such a great day!!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

You and Me, Babe

There are so many things to love about Lyla being in preschool.  She's having so much fun, making such great friends, and soaking new information up like a little sponge.  But one of my favorite things is all the precious alone time with my little Evie Joy. 

The first time I took Evie out on a quick mommy-daughter date she was so confused about why Lyla wasn't in the car seat next to hers.  I said "It's just you and me, babe!"  We headed to Target and Starbucks and shared a cake pop while we meandered through the aisles.  We weren't even there to do grocery shopping!  It was so fun to relax a bit and just focus on her.

Ever since that little date whenever we get into a car alone Evie will say from the back "Just you and me, babe!"  It's so darn cute, and it makes me so glad to have this time together.  Some days are spent just running around doing errands, but we also manage to sneak in play dates.  Whatever we're doing, just spending that time with her is my favorite. 

Here are some pictures from a recent park trip.  :)

- K

We were in the area, so I took her to the park by our old house.  Man, did it bring back memories.  Lyla and I LIVED at that park when she was a toddler.  This bouncy grasshopper was always a favorite back then too.  :)

We picked up the movie Land Before Time the other day, so Evie kept calling this dino Cera.  :)

When we first started going to this park Lyla was too tiny to sit on that bench by herself.  We'd lift her up onto it and her tiny legs would dangle.  That feels like just yesterday!

Swinging has always been both girls' favorite thing about the park.

They had a new cool swing that let us swing together.  It was so fun!  Such a good day.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


2016 officially holds the record for best Halloween ever.  The girls were so into the spooky decorations and the candy and the costumes.  Evie has officially hit her stride with the whole dressing up thing, and spent most days as Sheriff Callie, a bunny, or Rey from Star Wars.  She's obsessed with the latest movie, always asking her dad to watch it and rambling on about BB8.

The girls got to dress up 3 times, ate a lifetime's worth of candy over the month of October, and Lyla even had her first school Halloween party and parade.  After the parade each class performed a couple of songs, and it was too cute.  Those little kids up on stage kill me.  All trying to grab the microphone, yet knowing none of the words or motions.  I love it so much.

Here are some photos from our various activities!  On to Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

- K

I have no clue where the peace signs came from, but it cracks me up!

Lyla and her class, waiting for their turn to perform.


The whole class, and her Mrs. Potato Head teachers.  :)

Sheriff Callie and Cinderella, getting ready for a friend's party.

Those glass slippers!  :)

I had to bribe her with bubble gum for these smiles.

Yee haw!

Halloween night!  Getting ready to be her bunny costume.

I think Lyla's favorite part of Halloween was getting to play with makeup.  :)

Cinderella and Prince Charming!

Rey and BB8.  :)

I joined the Star Wars theme, and got to be Kylo Ren.  If you even mention Star Wars to Sis she says "I'll show you the dark side" in the baddest voice she can come up with.  It's pretty darn cute.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Lyla Rose

Let me tell you, out of the many things we've been blessed with, easy, compliant children is certainly not one of them.  *Insert all the quotes about strong wills leading to success here.*  I fully believe every bit of that, but it doesn't make the whole parenting gig any easier when you're in the trenches of defiance and attitude and ungodly amounts of energy.  Sometimes it's hard to keep a long term perspective, and on those tough days mostly it just feels like I'm getting everything wrong!

Lyla, our cute little Tasmanian Devil, has always given us a run for our money.  Two was hard, Two and a half was harder, 3 was worse, and 3 1/2 didn't get any better.  When she turned 4 we finally started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I saw someone describe 4 as equal parts frazzled and dazzled, and man was that ever accurate.

Well, now my girl is 4 1/2, and I swear that must be a magic number or something.  We have so turned a corner with her, and all of a sudden I get to spend most of my days just plain dazzled.  There really isn't a better word, she is dazzling to me.  She's bright and cheery and always excited.  She's kind and loving and genuinely cares about everyone around her.  She notices when someone is feeling down, and always stops to see what's wrong.  She buzzes around trying to fix whatever problem her little sister is crying about.  All of that has always been true, but the biggest difference now is that she really tries to be good.  It matters to her all of a sudden.  I get obedience and apologies and a good attitude in her responses (most days.  Believe me, we still have our moments.  Lots of them!) and I know that our hard work is paying off.  For the time being anyways.  :)

Her heart is truly gold, and she makes me so proud.  She's my ice cream sundae with a cherry on top.  It's such a treat being her mama.

The real reason for this post is talk about my new tattoo!  Last year I found the perfect Joy tattoo that I couldn't resist, and immediately felt like a bit of a jerk for having a tattoo for my second daughter, but not my first.  I'd always liked the idea of a Rose, since it's both of our middle names, and finally settled on a wild rose.  Seemed kind of fitting.  :) 

Here are some photos of me and my wild rose, and my wild rose tattoo.  ;)

- K