Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hello 2017!

I tend to think every year is amazing, but 2016 feels particularly amazing as I look back at it.  Some of my dreams came true (becoming a stay at home mom, and a new car!!!), we went on some incredible family trips (Florida and Alaska!), Lyla started school, the girls grew into best little friends and playmates, and Ryan even got a big ol' fancy promotion at work.  Each one of those things took an awful lot of hard work to accomplish, plus a big huge dose of faith and following God's path for our family.  What a year!

2016 also held struggles and heartache, a lot of heartache.  I can appreciate the resounding excitement that is heard for a fresh start in 2017.  But a fresh start doesn't necessarily guarantee days filled with rainbows.  2017 will hold just as many struggles for just as many people - it's just the world we live in.  Nothing here will ever be perfect, but I heard once that life is only 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.  That sounds to me like perspective has a lot to do with how we get through life.

Some of the best people I know are going through some of life's hardest trials, and their perspectives are what amaze me every time.  They choose to look through the darkness and find the good that still surrounds them.  I think that's what perspective really is, a choice.  A choice to either be swallowed by the bad, or to be so aware of the good that the bad can't take your joy.  Not forever anyways.

So, here's to 2017!  A fresh start, a good perspective, and more joy and blessings than you can even bear.  Love to our friends and family!!

- K

Here's a little Christmas picture sesh I did with the girls this year!  :)

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