Monday, April 8, 2013

Dad's Turn--- Family Rugby Trip

For the last year I haven't played any rugby (minus a quick weekend in Aspen).  I have been either injured (herniated disk this time) or trying to find a balance between 60 hour work weeks and family time.  For those of you who know me... that is a long time to go without doing something I love so much.  And recently I decided being only 29 that I need to get at least one more game for the US Rugby team (and probably a few more stitches too) before I call it a career.

So with all that in mind, I forced Kassi and Lyla to spend this last weekend with the boys of Metropolis Men’s Rugby Football Club in Davenport, Iowa.  And not only is Davenport even worse than it sounds but a rugby trip is typically no place for a family... or women in general for that matter.

Nonetheless, Lyla again stole the show the whole weekend and spent several hours working on her own rugby skills.  I was proud to dedicate my play to my beautiful roses (Kassi Rose and Lyla Rose) and I was once again left in awe by the sacrifices my wife makes for me on a daily basis to allow me to continue doing the things I love.  She even managed to spoil me for my birthday on Sunday AFTER a 6 hour drive back to Minneapolis.

The bad news for both the girls is they are going to miss another great trip this Saturday.  The good news is Lyla will be hanging out with her grandparents and Kassi will be packing for her birthday trip to Jamaica. Yeah you read that right.  Kassi's birthday... Jamaica.  My birthday... Davenport.


- R

P.S. Metropolis secured a National Division I Sweet 16 appearance on Saturday with our victory over the Chicago Griffins.



  1. haha JAMAICA!! I think you got the short end of the stick on this one, bub. And how sweet that both of their middle name is Rose- that's almost poetic. And love Lyla's puff vest- she looks like a walking Gap ad :)

    As for how long I've been blogging, it's been a little over a year now! And let me tell you, getting those 700 followers has been some hard work- it definitely doesn't happen over night. I find that the more I comment the more followers I get since then people will click on over to your page. But I make the comments sincere and actually read the posts. Because people that leave lame comments on my page I just mark them as spam or delete them lol so I definitely don't do the same back!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. Awesome hairdo's on you two! Better keep those lucky wristbands!!