Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Preschool Graduation!

This week was a big week for us!!  Monday was Lyla's last full day of school, which also meant the last day that I get to spend a couple of hours alone with my Evie Joy.  I put off everything I needed to do for the day and let her pick what she wanted to do, and donuts was her immediate request.  We went to our local donut shop and ate way too many donut holes, then ran around outside playing hide and seek before heading home for some tricycle riding around the neighborhood.

On Tuesday we all get dressed up for Lyla's graduation ceremony.  After we dropped her off Evie and I headed to the store to pick up some flowers for the little graduate.  Evie was so sweet and excited for Lyla's performance and graduation.  She picked yellow and pink flowers - their favorite colors - and insisted on holding them herself.  We went back to school and met up with Goan and Ryan and waited for the performance to begin.  Evie ran to the front with her dad and took over the picture taking duty herself while Lyla sang with her class.  After she got her diploma we had to run out so Evie could give hugs and give Lyla the flowers.  We picked Lyla up from her classroom for the last time and took pictures with her amazing teachers, then headed out to a celebration lunch and ice cream sundaes!

It was one of those unexpected dreamy mama days.  The girls were just so well behaved and sweet all day.  Evie was so excited for her big sister, and patient throughout all the waiting and watching.  There was no jealousy over Lyla's attention or gifts, just lots of hugs and smiles and adoration.  Lyla was so proud of herself and excited, and also a little sad and sentimental about the year coming to an end.  She ate up all the attention from her sister, ordered sushi and mac n cheese for lunch and shared her fun present from Goan without any hesitation.  (And believe me, these behaviors are not exactly the norm, so like I said...such a dreamy day!)

What a fun year it was.  Lyla's class and teachers were such a blessing, and she grew in so many ways.  She's taller and smarter and her faith has grown more than ever.  She learned so much, and looking at these pictures makes my heart want to burst.  I know these sweet days will be a distant memory before I know it, so I'll be soaking up all these precious 5 year old summer days as much as I can.

Love you so much more than you'll ever know, Lyla Loo!


Cheesy smiles and donuts!  :)

So proud to pose with the flowers she picked out!

Preschool performance!  One of the things I'll miss most is her coming home singing the songs she learned that day.

She did it!!  :)

Evie was so excited to give her those flowers.  Lyla will miss her best friend, Ingrid, the most.  :)

Lyla and her teachers - Miss Caroline and Miss Erica.  They were the BEST.



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