Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Murphy's Law

I have a bone to pick with the universe today.  Why exactly is it that babies bring out the very best of Murphy's Law?  How do they know exactly when we want them to wake up on time for something, and then decide to keep sleeping.  But when we need them to sleep?  No thanks, mom.  Thanks for the suggestion though.

And exactly when I think "oooh, I should really put a bib on her", that's when a big glob of red spaghetti sauce runs right out of her mouth onto her brand new white shirt.

Damn you, Murphy's Law!  Damn yoooouuuuu!!

Oh, and these pics?  They have nothing to do with good ol' Murphy, but they are freakin cute.  Which is why babies get away with all this nonsense in the first place.

- K

This first one...doesn't it look like they're sharing the greatest secret in the world?  Best friends in the making right there.


  1. Cute little leopard playing with Dad! I thought LR was saying "Hey Mom, look what I taught Dad to do."