Thursday, November 5, 2015

Family Photos

I finally got around to ordering our family photos and thought I would share more of my favorites.  We got over 200 back, and I earmarked almost half of those as my favorites - so while this may not seem like just a few, it really is just the favorites of the favorites.

I can't say enough good things about our photographers, Ash and James Photography.  I found them by chance online and when I saw they were sisters that work together, I knew they were right up my alley.  It helped that they happened to be the cutest, sweetest twin sisters I'd ever encountered. 

What caught my eye online was their cool, candid style.  During our photo shoot there were maybe three times they stood us together for pictures, and even then gave little direction on how or where to look.  It made the shoot so low key and stress free, and with two little girls that tend to run from the camera, and most certainly don't want to pose - it was perfect for us.  Evie cried almost the entire time while Lyla wandered off for "adventures" and somehow they still made it work - really well.

I can't wait to do it again next year!

- K

Monday, November 2, 2015


Well, despite feeling like ish most of the week, we had a pretty great Halloween over here.  The weekend before Halloween we had two parties - the annual Life Time Spooktacular and a neighborhood party, not to mention the hundreds of dress rehearsals Lyla had around the house. 

They were the Frozen sisters in their coronation outfits, and Lyla took the job very seriously.  She was decked out in heels, gloves, cape, crown, the works.  And despite sore feet, she didn't take those heels off once.  And I'd never been more proud.  ;)  Evie on the other hand had to be forced into her dress, but once it was on she'd twirl over and over to show it off.  She could not, however, be bothered to wear her crown.

Here are some pics from Spooktacular:

They hid behind my office doors with Lyla whispering "let's show off our fancy dresses!", opened up the doors and they were ready for the coronation!  :)

 Lyla getting into character...Evie just being Evie.

...and then tantrums.  A normal day for the princesses.

The Elsa costume came with an official cape, but it was not long and dramatic enough for Lyla's taste.  She insisted on using this homemade one tied around her neck instead.  :)


The sis shuffle.  :)

This is the only picture we took of the neighborhood party.  I'd never dressed up with the girls before, and Lyla kept insisting I go as a mummy.  I opted for fairy godmother.  I mean, they got it from somewhere, right?  ;)

These pics are from actual Halloween.  It was a bit cooler that night, but they did not let the temps get them down.  Lyla played up the princess act, again wearing her heels the entire night.  I mean she rocked that whole neighborhood without a single complaint.  I even brought some comfy little Toms and offered them several times - and received an emphatic "no" each time.  Evie wanted absolutely nothing to do with trick or treating.  Ryan brought her up to one house where a teenager asked if she wanted a piece of candy.  She responded with her trademark - "noooooooooo!"  It was a good thing really, because Dad had already committed her pumpkin to more important things.  ;)
When we got back home we were already out of candy so Lyla kept sticking her own pumpkin with her precious goods out for the kids to take some.  Then she'd say "Happy Halloween!  Have a good night!"  Such a heart of gold.  A true little princess right there.
Hope you had a good Halloween too!
- K

I told them to act like king and queen - this is what I got.

"Wait a second..."

We went trick or treating with two families across the street.  True to form, every girl was a princess.