Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Reindeer Games + Santa!

Last weekend we went to the Life Time Fitness Reindeer Games for some festive activities, Santa face time, and loads of sugar.  The girls got all dolled up and I would have to say had Mr. Santa wrapped around both their little fingers.

They both started off with eating the frosting off of at least 5 mini cupcakes each, then ran off to play games.  When we realized we'd lost Lyla we found her sitting on Santa's lap, telling him all about the big pink puppy she saw at Target.  (She later realized she made a huge mistake in only telling him ONE thing and we now need to write a lengthy letter to the big man.) 

We brought sis over to get a picture with Santa, which she less than politely refused.  When he finally coughed up a candy cane she became a little more willing.  A little bribe goes a long way with that one.  ;)

My favorite part was when Lyla hopped up into a chair to get her done with colored hair spray.  Her little face was just priceless. 

Here's some pics!

- K

Monday, December 14, 2015

Cookie Decorating + Ugly Sweater Housewarming!

Last weekend we finally had our housewarming party - and made it an ugly sweater party too.  The week leading up was nothing less than stressful because why not do ALL those silly little projects like painting kids table and chairs into the wee hours of the night before a party? 

The girls and I also made and decorated sugar cookies.  Lyla spent a whole week collecting the perfect cookie cutters, which included a heart, a hand and a cowboy hat.  The girls were so cute rolling out and cutting the cookies.  Evie mostly just snacked on the dough, swiped the freshly baked cookies taking exactly one bite out of each, and snuck fingers into her sister's (heavily) frosted cookies.  Lyla was so cute, insisting on pink frosting and teaching her sis exactly how to do this whole cookie thing.

The party was a blast, and the ugly sweater turnout was impressive.  We're absolutely loving our new house, and particularly our new neighborhood.  Thanks to all that came out!!

- K


sis got her hands on a red hot :)

hot chocolate bar!

check out that killer photo bomb :)