Monday, October 28, 2013

Minion Pumpkin

I've mentioned before that Lyla is pretty obsessed with Despicable Me, particularly the minions, or "me's" in her world.  When I saw a minion pumpkin on Pinterest I knew I had to give it a shot.  I'm not particularly "crafty", something that I've recently chalked up to laziness but after starting this project I realized it's actually just a protective measure for my and my family's mental sanity.  You see, I can easily have OCD tendencies with these types of projects and something that starts out "fun" then turns into "why can't I get the PERFECT shade of blue?!"  And, "why in the world did I ever get rid of that compass I used in 5th grade?!  How am I ever going to draw a PERFECT circle???"  And then "I think I'll just work on it for 5 minutes now that L is napping", and suddenly her entire 2 hour nap is over and there went any chance of a shower for me. 

So really, it's not only a protective measure for my sanity but also my hygiene.

The things we do for our kids.  But luckily she totally loved it and every second spent was immediately worth it when she spotted it, yelled "ME!" and ran over to kiss, hug and snuggle it.  :)

You can find the tutorial here.

- K



Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I had my 20 week appointment today, and found out that our littlest baby girl is doing well and right on target!  We found out last week at the ultrasound that she's a she, which I still can't believe at times, but the only thing I really cared about hearing is that every little part they look at is in the "normal" and healthy range.

I'm also here to tell you not to believe old wives tales.  EVER.  With Lyla we were sure that we were having a boy.  All the signs pointed to it, the Chinese calendars said it, it was a done deal.  So when the ultrasound tech announced "girl!" we were both a good way of course.  ;)  This time my pregnancy has been SO different.  Every little thing has felt different, which "they say" means it should be a different sex.  On top of that the only thing last time that pointed to a girl was Lyla's heart rate.  So this time I thought the lower heart rate and different pregnancy for sure meant we were having a boy.  Fooled again! 

But, we are overjoyed to be welcoming a new little precious girl into this family.  I had hoped for a girl and boy for different reasons, but I am so very excited for L to have a baby sister and built-in best friend.  I have a lot of sisters and they are absolutely my favorite people on this earth.  I'm already dreaming of shared bedrooms, little girl giggles and whispered secrets.  I know as a mom I should hope to know every little detail, but I almost find myself hoping they have such a close relationship that they keep me out of some juicy dirt (but not really that juicy) every once in a while.  That's the kind of stuff that builds those sweet tight knit bonds.

We've decided to name this baby girl Everly Joy.  I already know that she's going to bring such a joy to this world and to our lives.  Just like her beautiful, loving, sweet big sister, Lyla Rose.

Stay cozy, little Everly!  We can't wait to meet you.

- K

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend was the best.  Friday was our 5th anniversary, but unfortunately I was too busy stuffing my face to take any pictures.  There really is something magical about anniversaries, isn't there?  It just takes you right back to that big day and leaves you feeling a little gushy all day long.  I love it.

Saturday Ryan didn't have a rugby game so we went to a local pumpkin patch.  Ryan told me that it was "warm" and "you'll only need a light jacket".  I'm not sure if he lied or if there was a sudden arctic cold front, but by the time we got there it was damn freezing.  And raining.  Luckily I'm always prepared for Lyla...not so much for myself.  But we grinned and beared it, and Lyla loved every second.  As soon as I set her down she was on the move, and kept at it the entire time.  Her favorite part was the fresh  cinnamon sugar
donuts, or as she refers to them "don dons".  I'm pretty sure don dons are her favorite food group.

We found a perfect minion pumpkin, and minions are L's second favorite thing to donuts, so I can't wait to get it painted and surprise her!

- K

Monday, October 21, 2013

Seattle Weekend Continued

The last half of my weekend with Jo was equally as amazing as the first.  The sun continued shining, we checked out her church which was so good, and went downtown with a couple of her friends.  While there we had lunch, admired more pretty trees, and got coffee at a super hipster coffee shop.  When in Rome, you know?  Finally we headed to Pike Place, the famous market downtown with the fish.  No fish were being thrown, but it was quite entertaining nevertheless.  We even caught a glimpse of that sneaky Mount Rainier on the way home.  Then we ended the weekend with some delish deli sandwiches and Sleepless in Seattle, which was the perfect ending if you ask me.

I'd never been to the Northwest before but it really won me over in the short couple of days I was there.  It was so good to see Jo doing so well.  I hate being so far away, but I couldn't be happier for her and the home she's created.  Her apartment is the cutest, her roommate and friends are nothing short of darling, and she's just really thriving out on her own.  I couldn't be more proud.

Here's the rest of the pictures from the trip.  After seeing them you'll understand why Jo and I were scouted for modeling while I was there.  (HA)

- K

if we were engaged, this is what it would look like.
you'll see these faces on the next issue of Vogue

jo, just trying to blend in

token "drinking coffee in Seattle" shot...which was actually apple cider


hi, i'm kassi, i'm in Seattle, and i'm awkward in pictures
the ORIGINAL Starbucks.  still, i don't get the line.  i'm pretty sure it probably tastes the same everywhere.
the ghost of Mount Rainier

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Daddy Daughter Weekend

Well as most of you know by now via various social networks, we will be having another beautiful daughter come March.
For now, though, I would be remise if I didn't pay tribute to the amazing weekend Lyla Rose and I just had.  With Kassi in Seattle visiting aunty Jo, it was literally the first time L and I had been by ourselves for multiple days and we went all out. 
We ordered steaks and rotisserie chicken on Friday night.  On Saturday, Lyla picked her own breakfast of cottage cheese, string cheese, and milk... what baby wants, baby gets.  Then she cheered me on as Metropolis maintained our number one ranking on the rugby pitch and had a pizza and movie party that night. 
Sunday things got really crazy as we ran out for donuts for breakfast, took Kevin on a walk all over Minnesota, hit the swings, napped, went to the Vikings game, and then set up shop at McHugh's Irish Pub for the Broncos game in the afternoon. 
It was there that I really realized how hard single parenthood must be.  Lyla not only grabbed a urinal cake out of a toilet when my back was turned but also colored on a wall and knocked over an entire cart of ketchup and mustard bottles.  All leading up to a total melt down for MAMA at the front doors of the restaurant.
Funny thing is lately, even when its hard, I can't help but cherish these moments with my only (soon to be oldest) daughter. 
Now if I could just get her to hold still for a whole football game.
- R


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekend in Seattle

This weekend I got to take a quick trip to Seattle to visit my sister, Jo.  I made the trip sans baby and husband, which gave me a little bit of anxiety beforehand, but it was the very best time.  Having a couple days with no responsibilities really does a girl good.  And missing them made it that much easier and sweeter to come home, back to the little circus that is my life.

Jo picked me up at the airport and immediately handed me a burger and fries.  Best greeting ever.  We drove right back to her home town, Tacoma, and went out to dinner (second dinner for me) with her roommate.  Tacoma is a super cute little city (or is it a town?  I'm never really clear on that...) and the weather was amazing.  Even more amazing were all the trees that had changed colors.  I'm talking about the most vivid golds, oranges, and reds I've ever seen on a tree.  I pretty much never stopped talking about it the entire weekend.

Saturday we stopped at Legendary Donuts, which I would say was appropriately named.  They had an amazing array of the best donuts I've ever seen.  They even had a minion donut which I really should have gotten for L, given her recent obsession with "Me" (what she calls Despicable Me :).  But chances are I just would have eaten it, so it's probably actually better that I didn't.

Then we drove down to Portland to visit my good friend, Sarah.  She's officially my "oldest" friend and the only friend I still have from high school.  We hadn't seen each other in about 9 years, but it felt like maybe 9 days.  So, so good to see and catch up with her.

I'll post some more pics from Sunday in the next few days.  For now I need to get to bed because WE FIND OUT IF WE'RE HAVING A BOY OR GIRL TOMORROW AND I'M TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP!!!!  But I've gotta try anyways.  ;)


- K


biggest donut ever.  also, we're really, really good at taking car selfies.

seriously, those leaves.  my mediocre photography skills just don't do them justice.