Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Fever

Can I just tell you that I have been trying really hard to not complain on this thing about our lovely "spring" weather?  When brainstorming about this post mostly a lot of expletives came to mind, but I'm going to keep it positive because nobody likes a negative nancy, and because we're actually IN JAMAICA while you are reading this. 

Instead I'm going to focus on the fact that we actually did get a taste of spring here in my most favorite state ever, and maybe, just maybe it'll stop snowing again.  Maybe.

A couple of weeks ago it was in the 50's, and L got her first taste of spring.  There was still a little snow on the back deck, but it was warm enough to run around with bare pigs, which resulted in the custest little wet fooprints all over the place.  She also decided that this chair is her chair, and that she loves to bird watch in said chair.

Speaking of birds, the last photo is of a male and female cardinal in our front yard.  They're around our house constantly and I pretty much stalk them, so I'm really hoping we'll have a nest somewhere nearby.  The male is bright red and easy to spot, but the female is brown, on the far right edge, just about half way down.   I think they're my favorite bird ever...and yes, I did just get that nerdy about birds.

- K



  1. What a cute little bird watcher. She's getting a real hairdo! Have fun in jamaica mahm!

  2. it will be warm before you know it, hang in there!