Friday, January 27, 2017


After a brief hiatus we're finally back to the baby making business!  For all my talk about loving babies and wanting a million, the truth is these little suckers are HARD.  I have to give Ryan credit, he's a lot braver than I am when it comes to growing our family and approaches the idea with a nonchalance I wish I could claim too.  Instead my tendency is to look at Evie crying at my feet, yelling "UP!" and Lyla climbing inside of our fridge to grab the milk to pour for herself, which will surely get spilled, and I imagine an infant somewhere in that picture.  And then I curl into the fetal position myself.  ;)

For a long time I've known I want more kids (kid?  The final amount is very much a question mark at this point, but I also feel very sure that Evie's personality is not cut out for being a middle child ;) but I also feel just a little bit crazy for that.  But we (I) finally made it to a place where there is just pure excitement to be adding another little one to our team. 

To be honest there were so many nerves with each of my pregnancies before.  That first one is so scary, not knowing what to expect.  But it's also a little bit naïve because you don't know the full depth of how hard it really is.  Or the amount of crazy love that will rock your soul.  The second time around you're wiser, and it made it even more scary for me.  I couldn't imagine being more tired than I already was, and more than anything I couldn't imagine another kid.  All I could see was another Lyla, I didn't quite comprehend how I could love anyone else as much as I loved her.  And then Evie came and my soul got rocked again.

This time around I look at my two little girls and I see their similarities and their differences and I love their individual personalities so very much, and all I can do is daydream about what this next little baby will be like.  The funny things they will say and do, their likes and dislikes, and I know without a doubt he or she will multiply the love in our little family by 100 times.  I also know without a doubt that I will get my socks knocked off with the work of caring for 3 little ones.  Because, like a wise woman recently told me, none of this is very convenient.  But oh man, the inconvenience is so worth it.

- K

Our tiny little baby at just 9 weeks.

Giving us a little wave at 16 weeks!  Can't wait to meet you, little babe!

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