Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ruggerfest 2015

My most anticipated summer bucket list item this year was by far Ruggerfest in Aspen, CO.  Ryan and I have been to our fair share of Ruggerfests and you just can't ever complain about a weekend in Aspen, especially when all those fancy pants are overrun with a bunch of rowdy brutes. 

We'd been planning on the trip for months, and I couldn't wait to take the girls back home and up to that crisp mountain air.  Aspen didn't disappoint - it was beautiful as ever and the weather was perfect.  Even a little too perfect for my suitcase filled with sweaters and boots.

The weekend came at the end of a 10 day CO trip for me and the girls, so Evie was not really impressed with being uprooted again, or really anything Aspen had to offer for that matter.  Always the critic, that girl.  Lyla had her fair share of meltdowns as well, with her most frequent/ best lines being "I HATE COLORADO!!!!" (crying), "I woke up on the wrong side of the bed!  I woke up on THIS side!" (crying), "it's been a long, hard day for a little girl" (crying), "it's HARD to be part of a family!!!" (crying).  Being 3 1/2 is tough.

The rest of us had a good time despite all the little girl sour pussing and Ryan's team made it all the way to the championship on Sunday afternoon!  Unfortunately they lost - most unfortunately we didn't get to leave Aspen until almost bedtime and the girls did not sleep the whole time as you might have assumed they would.

All in all it was a great trip.  Mostly.  ;)  Here's some pics!

- K

Evie's general outlook on life in Aspen.

Hanging with Papa and Grammy.  I don't know what's cuter - their happy faces or their matching trench coats.

These new rugby balls were great entertainment until Lyla tripped over hers and bodyslammed multiple bikes to the ground - including a tandem bike.  Bikes - 1, Lyla - 0.

Dad's biggest fan.

I die every time I see this picture.  We're so calm and happy while the girls are obviously being tortured.  It's hard to be part of a family.

Proud girls!  He made it to the championship!

Snuggles in between games.

Sunday morning shenanigans.  Sis decided to wake the whole house up at 4:30 by screaming her head off.  Luckily I'd happened to have slept in the peacefully quiet basement with L.

This is both girls' favorite maneuver known as "I'm going in for a hug, JUST KIDDING I'M SQUEEZING THE CRAP OUT OF YOU UNTIL YOU CRY!" Really cute.

How cute is this chick?

Selfie game strong.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Perfect Fall Day

The other day Lyla, Evie and I met up with some girlfriends at a local orchard.  We met these friends a couple years ago through Instagram, which was completely random, and ended up really hitting it off.  They have three girls, so it's fun to get our little ones together.  Hazel and L are just about the same age and I don't think anyone's ever been as excited to pick apples as they were.  Clover, their youngest, is just recently in remission from liver cancer and was all smiles and babbles.  It's amazing how sometimes the smallest ones can be the most inspiring.

The orchard was beautiful and had so many fun activities for the girls.  They picked about 15 pounds of apples, went on a hay ride, climbed a hay mountain, saw farm animals and drank apple cider.   We even had a "fun" little game of hide and seek in a corn maze, which included just the slightest feeling of sheer panic that we'd never be able to find the little hoodlums again.

It was my favorite kind of Fall day with the most perfectly crisp air.  I can't help but look forward to the colorful leaves crunching on the ground, cooler temps, and I won't even mind it getting dark earlier, provided that means earlier bedtimes too.  :)

- K

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Labor Day with Auntie Kate

We had quite the Labor Day Weekend in this neck of the woods.  Auntie Kate came in town on Friday and we were on the go until she left on Monday.  Here are some pics from the weekend!


Ryan and I had previously planned a night out for dinner and tattoos, so Kate came along.  We both touched up our little birds we got a couple years ago and Ryan added two more for the girls.

I got Joy for my little Evie Sis.  I've always loved the word "joy" and have always associated it with my faith.  When we were talking names for baby #2 I started going through family names and stopped with my grandma, Joyce.  My grandma and I were never close growing up, but have become very close recently and I've started to enjoy her so much.  I'm lucky to have a lot of strong, faithful women in my family but this lady is one of the tops.  If you've ever met her you can rest assured she showers you in prayer. 

When I decorated Evie's nursery I hung this pretty picture of a deer above her changing table and the letters J-O-Y.  Afterwards my mom told me a story of when she was little and watching her mom put on makeup and how her big eyes always reminded her of a deer.  It struck me how funny it was that I'd chosen a deer for Evie's room.  As soon as she was born she was mesmerized by that picture and would just stare at it whenever I'd change her.  Since then she's become more obsessed with the letters and will pop up and point at each one.  I spell it out for her and then say "joy" and ask her who my joy is.  She smiles and points at herself.  :)  Love that girl.

Anyways, back to the weekend.  We followed up the tattoos with dinner at Chino Latino, one of our favorite restaurants out here, and ate more than we ever should have. 

Saturday morning was really rainy so we stayed in and made breakfast.  The girls loved having their auntie there to play with.

The rain cleared up so we got to go to a block party.  Lyla loved the bounce house and Evie had mixed feelings.  As always.

After Evie went to bed Lyla was still running around with her friends and Ryan and I were wrapped up in yard games.  I looked up and my little princess was stripping down in front of everyone.  She'd decided it was time to get back in the pool and could not be bothered to go put on a swim suit.  We ended up streaking across the yard into our house, where she yelled "I've gotta scooter to the stairs!" and jumped on her scooter (naked) and rode it to the stairs. 

A couple days later I was talking to a neighbor and he said "oh, did you find Lyla's underwear?  I think they were on the deck next door."  I mean, it's not a block party until someone loses their underwear, right??

On Sunday we went to church, took naps, and headed to the State Fair.  The people watching and food eating were tops.

We finally tried those infamous chocolate chip cookies and they were everything we dreamed they could be.  If you can't tell by the chocolate smears and milk running down her face, Lyla was a big fan.

Dad won a puppy for Lyla!

 Those THIGHS!

We were sad to see Kate leave, but so glad she came!  Love you, lady!

- K