Thursday, April 4, 2013

This Baby

Tonight at dinner, it was just L and I.  I was feeding her, and we were watching video clips of Disney movies on the iPad (a new obsession of hers), and I just became mesmerized by this baby.  First of all, I can hardly say "baby" anymore, she's turning into a big girl so fast these days, but when I look at her I just have this overwhelming swell of emotion.  I love everything about her.  The chubby roll on her wrist...and all the other rolls everywhere else.  The little curls she's starting to get at the nape of her neck.  Those huge brown eyes that get even huger when she's sucking her thumb.  Her constant curiosity and finger pointing.  Her little animal noises and the raspberry sound she makes when I tell her something is yucky.  Those cheeks. 

Ugh, I know that these little things are supposed to grow up, and every stage will be great, but can't I just freeze time for a little while?  Please??

Also, how amazing are those shoes?

- K


  1. LOVE the shoes! Precious girl! PS - too bad you aren't still in Denver...we'd be so CLOSE!