Friday, September 28, 2012



I'm always excited for Friday, even if it doesn't quite mean the R&R it used to.  This week was a hectic one, but still pretty great.  The weather has been amazing - windows open, leaves changing, sweater-and-boot-wearing kind of weather.  This is hands down my favorite time of year... 

...except for the ridiculous amounts of box elder bugs that are clinging to our window screens!  It's disgusting.  I was warned about all the bugs in MN, but hadn't really run into many until now.  Then again we don't really spend a lot of time in the wilderness, where I'm guessing they tend to reside.  ;)

L and I have been going on lots of walks since the weather has been so nice.  She's loving sitting in the stroller and shopping carts like a big girl.  She's such a little ham...anything that allows her to catch someone's eye and give them a giggle and a smile with that one little tooth.  I just eat it up, and so does everyone else.

I even got a little mommy date with a new girlfriend out here while the dads watched the babies.  We went to Porter Creek, this awesome restaurant nearby with the best patio we've found yet.  Many a bottle of wine have been consumed there this summer.  It was sooo nice to get out for an evening!  Thanks, hubs, for taking care of our little miss!  xx

Have a great weekend!

- K

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Busy Baby

People aren't joking when they say these little things grow fast.  Within a matter of weeks our tiny girl went from kinda sorta sitting up on her own to a constant roly poly, to a scoot-across-the-roomer, to a pro crawler and stair climber, to a stand-on-anythinger.  I literally can't take my eyes off her- as soon as she's set down she's flying across the room to anything she can stand on.  And then (if I haven't sped over to her already) falling and hitting her head.  It is EXHAUSTING.  But, I seriously love that baby.  It is so so fun to watch her grow and learn.  I love that girl more than life and to see the joy she gets out of climbing a set of stairs (usually towards a cat) makes my heart happy.  Just look at that smile and those cheeks!   Did I already mention I love her?

P.S. Congrats to our friends Heather and Will that had their first baby today!  Their little boy is the cutest...we CAN'T WAIT to meet him!!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Paranoid Moms Anonymous?

Before I had Lyla I knew I would be the coolest mom.  I wouldn't worry about germs, I wouldn't care when she was crying, and I definitely wouldn't freak out about the small things...then she was born.  I was immediately the paranoid weirdo that I couldn't stand.  I mean I practically needed a brown paper bag any time someone held her.  If they coughed around her?  Forget about it.  I pretty much have her pediatrician on speed dial and take her in monthly, at the slightest sign of a runny nose or cough.  I am everything I despise.  So, needless to say we were at the doctor yesterday because L has been messing with her ear and I was sure she had an ear infection.  Turns out it was nothing.  Weird.  This whole "motherhood" thing has sure thrown me for a loop.  Can't wait 'til she has her first break up.  It totally won't phase me at all.

- K

Monday, September 24, 2012

Dad's Turn

doing tricks with dad
Let me begin by saying that I don’t read blogs.  When Kassi suggested that in addition to being a stay at home mom AND working a 40 hour a week career she would start a ‘blog’ to document our lives; I thought she had finally succumbed to the insanity of sleep deprivation.  When she really did it I decided I had better chip in.  I also made the mistake of saying 'well I am the writer of the family so it wouldn't make much sense if you wrote everything and I just sat idly by’.   So here we are.  In regards to our little family I would say that the one thing the books leave out about having a child is that no matter how hard it is... it will inevitably get harder.  That is relevant for us right now as just this last couple weeks Lyla has not only began crawling around but also seeking incessantly to prop herself up and then dive head first off of everything she can find.  So in addition to having to change diapers that look more and more like they were filled by an adult, teething, and fewer naps there are also the apparent suicidal tendencies to deal with.  Coming to terms with the fact that I may never again relax and watch a football game with my feet up is something I battle with everyday.  Come share in the journey with us.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Skol, Vikings!

our new skyline - minneapolis, mn

brauts and beer - yummmm


first vikings game!

favorite little face
Moving away from our friends and family was tough - especially with a 2 month old.  I worried that Lyla would develop some major separation anxiety being almost solely around me and her dad.  Turns out she's doing fine and I've developled the anxiety.  We are together so much that I have a harder time being away now than I did even when she was brand new.  BUT, we do manage to peel ourselves away now and then - today being one of those times.  Ryan got some tickets to the Vikings game and some great new friends that have a one year old offered to watch L for us.  Man, these Minnesotans are SERIOUS about their teams.  The Metrodome was a sea of purple and sooo loud.  It was a blast.  Having time for just the two of us is so nice, but getting back to that smiling face is the best feeling.  EVER.

- K

The Beginning

our wedding - denver,  co - oct 2008
maternity pics - denver, co - dec 2011

happy birthday, lyla rose! - denver, co- feb 6, 2012

family pics - minneapolis, mn - may 2012
Blog post number one.  Life has been a little crazy for us lately, with an infant, 2 moves and 2 new jobs in one year - yikes.  I've wanted to start one of these for a long time so our family and friends can keep track of us while we are away, but mostly for my own sake.  Everything is moving so fast, especially our little baby these days!  Everyday is an adventure of crawling, standing, squealing, teething and bumping heads. I am obsessive with taking pictures, but still fear that these little silly moments that seem so important right now will be forgotten along the way.  This - I hope - will be a good way to record the details.  Maybe someday we'll have a whole brood of kids piling up to look back when mom and dad were young and cool and actually did fun things.  ;)

- K