Monday, October 29, 2012

Insta Weekend

nerd chic
another winter hat
halloween costume supplies
crafty cat
can't. move. my. arms.
Here are some pics from Instagram this weekend.  We had a pretty quiet weekend which mostly consisted of sitting around the house and chasing Lyla around...and maybe some random outbursts of song and dance, followed by hysterical laughter.  Our kids are totally going to hate us by the time they reach middle school. 
Some weekend discoveries:
1) We have the sweetest baby in all the land.  We even miss her while she's sleeping. 
2) We also have a strong-willed child that has started laughing when we say "no!".
3) Lyla has quite the sophisticated palette.  We went to sushi on Friday night, and she happily munched on rice, avocado, sweet potato, eggplant, and unagi.  She's a pretty good little eater.
4) ...unless you give her something she doesn't like.  While a turn of the head or "sour" face would do, she makes sure you get the point by also gagging and dry heaving.  Pretty hilarious.
5) Going out to eat with a baby is getting harder.  A lot harder.
6) Crafting with cats and babies is interesting.
7) We are suddenly very old.  This realization came three fold: a) Ryan chased the neighborhood kids down the street after seeing them smashing pumpkins. b) He also exclaimed on a separate occasion "WHAT is that noise?! It must be those damn neigborhood kids making all sorts of racket again!" c) Instead of attending crazy Halloween parties like the rest of our Facebook friends, we went to bed early every night and I made an infant costume.  Just call me Martha Stewart.
Hope you had a good weekend too! 
- K
p.s. you can find us on Instagram at @rdchapma and @kassirosechapman

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I spy SNOW!  I always get so excited when this stuff first comes's just so cozy.  This year I have some mixed feelings, not knowing at all what to expect from Minnesota winters.  (Please be kind, MN!)  But for today, I am ecstatic.  And also (finally) inspired for what may be the world's cutest Halloween costume. 

Off to the MOA to pick up supplies!  And possibly make chili in honor of the first snow.  And probably listen to some Christmas carols. 

- K

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bunny Hoarder

Lyla has always loved her little bunny blankie.  The combination of fur, velvet and silk, and those thin, floppy ears send her straight into thumb sucking heaven.  The older she gets the more attached she gets...and the dirtier and more worn out it gets.  I realized that the little bunny wouldn't last forever, being drug along wherever she goes, so I decided to stock up...and bought four more.  Haha, when Ryan saw them all he said "FOUR?!  Any reasonable person would have gotten one more...or maybe two.  FOUR?!"  So, maybe I have a little "doomsday prepper" in me, but Lyla sure appreciates it.  She squealed as I took each one out of the package, and prefers to have them all at one time these days.  :)

- K

Monday, October 22, 2012

Cheetos and Football

a little obsessed with cheetos

cheeto aftermath

Since having Lyla we've been pretty adamant about making an effort to maintain a "normal" life and keep doing the things we've always done.  So, when we got great tickets for the Viking's game but couldn't find a babysitter to save our lives, we said what the heck?  Let's bring the lil babe along!  ...even after stating matter of factly at the last game that I would never bring our little wiggle worm to the metrodome.

We searched high and low and finally found baby earplugs, packed up the little lady, and took off...hoping and praying we weren't complete idiots for giving it a shot.  Of course, as always, she was a dream.  We showed up about a quarter into the game, left at the beginning of the 4th, and I mostly spent my time making sure she wasn't rubbing cheetos on our neighbors or pulling hair/hats/jackets/anything in reach on the people in front of us, but it was overall a huge success.  It was only a little weird when she started saying "dada" when she saw Jared Allen.  (haha, just kidding!)

She munched on cheetos the whole time, and some pretzel, so she was a happy camper.  Seriously, she loves cheetos more than anything.  But don't worry, we closely monitor her intake...God knows this world doesn't need another Honey Boo Boo Child.  ;)

- K

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Hola Amigos

baby sisters are mucho hard work, amigos
afternoon siesta
snuggling with la nina

Hola amigos.  Allow me to introduce myself - I am Carlos, el gato.  Let me tell you, this "big brother" business es muy dificil!  Pero, secretly I kind of like it.  It took some getting used to her stlye of "petting" and "cuddling".  And ay, ay, ay amigos - the constant screaming!  But I sure do get mucho attention these days, so I'll take what I can get.  Que sera, sera as they say.

- C

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

These Days

pulling dad's hair so he doesn't notice stealing his credit card

organizing mom's shoes

first big girl breakfast

helping around the house

Let me just start with SHE SAID MAMA!!!  I win.  ;)  Except I also lose, because the little stinker knows exactly when to use it to her advantage.  Like when I put her down for a nap and she doesn't want to sleep.  It is simultaneously the cutest and most heartbreaking thing ever.  That girl is one smart cookie.

In other news,  we made another trip to the doctor (nothing again...go figure), went to a UFC fight, did some furniture shopping (which I'm SO excited about! I'll post pics as soon as we have some more decorating done!), found a great new restaurant - Pittsburgh Blue, and had drinks with some friends.

We've also started feeding L more finger foods, which she LOVES.  It's fun to see her try new foods, and figure out how to use those pudgy little hands to put little bites of food in her mouth, but holy cow is she a mess.  Anyone know where to find a full body bib?  ;)

- K

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dad's Turn- Drawer Monsters

I tease Kassi once in a while when she is getting ready.  Actually I tease her all of the time but whenever she gets dressed she tends to pull every clothing item out of every drawer and throw it on the floor.  Seriously, there is shit everywhere.  My favorite quip when this occurs is "it looks like there was a drawer monster attack in here".  For those of you who don’t know my wife she has lots of clothes and lots of shoes and for the last year or so she has steadily been building a wardrobe for Lyla that most grown women cannot fathom.  I have gone along with this ridiculous behavior for two very logical reasons; one, my wife does whatever she wants and two, so does my baby.  What I didn't know though is how easy it would be to create a little drawer monster.  A drawer monster that even at 8 month is extremely cognizant of both her attire and her accessories.  A little drawer monster who while most infants won’t keep a hat on for 2 seconds will still be rocking a sparkly headband 2 hours after being dropped off in day care.  While watching these two is obviously super cute and makes me love them even more... it also makes me wonder exactly how long I have before L asks to reinvest her college fund in Christian Louboutins.

- R

Saturday, October 6, 2012

8 Months?!

Our sweet little baby turned 8 months today.  It literally feels like yesterday that she was an 8 lb 3 oz sleepy little thing, and suddenly she's a 20 pound crazy lady.  I've spent a lot of time this week reminiscing about the newborn times with my friend that just had her first, so I decided to capture all the little baby parts that I LOVE SO MUCH before they're lost in toddlerhood (and then kidhood, and teenagehood, and adulthood...why does it go so fast??  WAH)

I meant to just take a few pics of my most favorite parts, but who am I kidding?  Every single part is my favorite.  I mean, when else are dimply thighs and cankles cute??  Soooo, I ended up having a lot more photos to share than I intended.  Sorry I'm not sorry.  ;)

- K

thigh rolls

more rolls

that belly...chunky babies are the best


double chinny


those cheeks!

more giggles :)

sweetest face EVER

Friday, October 5, 2012

Hello, tooth!

showing off that tooth!
Lyla teething + me having a cold = lots o' fun.  She got her first tooth a few weeks ago and FINALLY popped the second little tooth yesterday.  The first is finally big enough to see in pictures which I think is pretty stinkin cute, but then again I think everything about her is.  :)  Here's to hoping that tooth coming through brings the end to restless nights and the constant trail of drool and least until the next tooth...

- K

Monday, October 1, 2012

Girl's Weekend

This weekend was kinda tough.  Ryan had to work all weekend since it was the end of the month, so it was just L and I all day everyday.  I'm used to having her to myself most of the time, but I realized how much I really look forward to the weekends - not only to spend time with my husband, but to also have a little relief from diaper duty.  But instead of focusing on the frustrating times (um, how exactly am I supposed to keep our house clean?  AND shower? AND workout? AND take care of a baby?? Almost 8 months later, and I'm still at a loss.) let's go over the weekend highlights.  :)

1) GO BRONCOS!  Lyla made sure to wear her new Broncos tutu, and it seemed to do the trick.  Rest assured she'll be wearing it every weekend.
2) Chasing kitties.  That girl LOVES her kitties.  Every time she sees or hears them she starts screaming...which of course the cats can't get enough of.  ;)
3) Swinging.  We have this great swingset in our backyard, and she just loves it.  She smiles and screams the whole time.  I'm hoping her sound of joy develops into something else soon...I'm pretty sure our neighbors are getting suspicious.
4) Shopping.  So much harder with a little one, but still my favorite hobby of all time.
5) Yoga.  Well, mom did yoga.  Baby went to daycare, which she happens to love.  I'm sure some screaming was involved. 

Happy Monday!

- K