Monday, April 29, 2013

Girl Time

Last week my stepmom, aunt and sister came into town to visit and help with L while our nanny was out of town.  It's actually funny to call Katherine my aunt, because she's always been more of a friend.  It was so fun to have them in town and get a few days of girl time.  Last night when I was cleaning up the kitchen after they left I was remembering each morning, us girls piled up around the table with our coffee, chatting and laughing.  It's been a long time since I've had some good ol' girl time, and it was even better than I remembered.

I'm blessed to have so many awesome women in my family.  Lyla kinda sorta loved having her grandma and aunts around too.  :)

- K

oh, yeah - and ryan was there too.  he loves girl time.

shoe shopping at nordstrom

grammy loves
swingin and chattin

all the girls

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  1. With five beautiful young ladies like that hanging out together, I'm glad Ryan was there to keep all the boys away!!