Monday, February 13, 2017

a BOY!!!!

We're having a SON!  It's funny even saying that word.  We "tried" for a boy, but given our history I wasn't sure we had any hope.  Turns out the old wives tales work!  ;)

Lyla's been rooting for a boy for a while now and constantly comes up with names we could give "him".  After finding out this morning we decided to do a mini gender reveal for the girls tonight, so Ryan brought home two cupcakes filled with blue frosting.  Lyla's reaction when she saw the blue was priceless - pure excitement!  Sis was mostly interested in just eating her cupcake.  ;)

I'm still a little bit in awe, and can't seem to get this smile off my face.  What a relief it always is to have a perfectly healthy ultrasound, and to find out we're adding a boy to the crew?!  Amazing. 

Having a boy is a newer dream for me, I kind of always just thought of girls when I thought of my future children.  But sometime after Evie it dawned on me what a privilege it would be to raise a good man.  The world could use a few more of those.

Two of the very best girls, and now a boy!  I can't even express the excitement and gratitude flowing through my veins right now.  Can't wait for July!!

- K

Here are some pics of the little guy and our cupcake party!  :)

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