Thursday, September 29, 2016

Grandparents, Road Trips and Pumpkins!

A couple weeks ago (I swear someday I'll get back to writing in a more timely manner...) Ryan's parents came out to visit and to watch the girls while Ryan and I took a mini road trip to Iowa to catch the Florida Georgia Line concert.  They came with us to drop Lyla off at her second day of school, and then to Target to let Evie cruise around with a kid cart and check out the Halloween d├ęcor.  Her latest obsession is shopping with those kid carts and the "keepy tuff" (creepy Halloween decorations :) at every store.

That afternoon Ryan and I took off for Des Moines and spent two nights and two glorious, lazy mornings away from our little early risers.  The concert was awesome, and we had a blast putzing around Des Moines for a couple days.  It's so nice to escape every once in a while and get back to just being us - even if it's just for a couple days.

When we got back to town we all headed to the local pumpkin patch and fall festival, where we did some punkin chuckin and made new friends at the petting zoo.  We always have fun at that place, and it certainly didn't disappoint this year!

Thanks, Grandma and Pop for letting us get aways and for loving on our girls while we were gone! :)

- K

On our way into school.

Grandma and Pop brought this pink cowgirl hat to complete Evie's Sheriff Callie costume.  She barely took it off.

Already a professional little shopper.

We even found a costume for Kev!

That afternoon we took off for Iowa.  The sky was gorgeous!

Pre-partying at the hotel before the concert :)

The next day Ryan got a little patriotic booty ink.  When in Des Moines, you know?
And then we went to dinner.  Two date nights in a row?!

Everybody orders the oysters in Des Moines, right?  So fresh.

We started out our visit to the pumpkin patch with a little punkin chuckin'.

Evie's a little jumping queen these days.

Always Queen of the Hill.  :)

The corn pits are always the hit of the entire day.  There's just something about wading around in dry corn kernels my kids can't get enough of.  Although neither of them really figured out this whole rope swing thing.

My faves.

I can't remember what this guy was, but I loved the way he casually chewed on his cage.  Somebody obviously needs to get him some floss.

If I could've loaded this guy up and brought him home, I totally would have.  Officially on the wish list.

Lyla kept telling Ryan that this kangaroo was a mama because "she looked sad".  I'm trying not to take offense.  But sure enough, tiny baby head sticking out of her pouch!  Either that or a Chihuahua...

First he went in for my beer...

Then he went in for a kiss.  I obviously wasn't into it.  #photogenic

Lyla said she wanted to take a picture with "her sweet mom".  Love her so much.

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