Tuesday, September 6, 2016


The rest of our time in Colorado was spent doing our normal race around town to see as many people as possible (which is always crazy and hectic, and so, so awesome.)  We got to see lots of family, and even a couple friends we hadn't seen in forever.  Everything about the trip was so fun and the weather was fantastic.  The perfect Colorado summer days.  It made me miss the people and the place even more than usual!

Here are some more pictures from the week.  Love to all our Colorado people!

- K

Hammock time with Auntie Kate
Cutest little helper.
One of their favorite parts of being at Papa and Grammy's house is this trampoline!

Jackson and his mama came all the way out to my dad's house to see us for a little coffee / hot chocolate date.  We had so much fun catching up, and the kids had a blast playing together.

Little besties.  :)

Kate and her husband and Jackson are some of our very favorites!

After our coffee date we decided to skip naps (always dangerous) and headed out to see my mom and sister, Auntie Sav.  The girls fell asleep in the car for a bit, and only suffered from mild no-nap personality disorder while we were out.  ;)

Evie had fun playing with Auntie Sav at lunch.

Savannah got up eventually to go to the bathroom and Evie looked around and said "That brown guy go?" I almost died.  She calls girls and boys "guys", and apparently isn't up to date with PC standards.

Grandma K bought them cupcakes after lunch.

Dessert flavors have to be one of the hardest decisions kids have to face.

Chocolate for Lyla!  As always.  :)

The fun colors won Sis over.

The next day we got to celebrate Uncle Joe's birthday.

Uncle Joe is the only blood uncle, and Lyla loved getting more time than usual with him.  She's still talking about those alpine slide rides.  :)

Lyla and Great Grandma

It wouldn't be a trip to Papa's without a tractor ride or two.  :)

Muffin forgot to hide and somebody found her.  :)
If I were a cat I wouldn't trust that face either.
I think she'll remember to hide next time.
Car selfies with Auntie Kate!

We even got to spend a day at the pool with Aunt Katherine!

Lyla had never even seen a diving board before.  She climbed right up, ran to the edge and jumped.  No second thoughts.  She is literally missing the fear gene.

Evie tried to follow suit on the diving board, but realized she prefers lounging.

The next day we headed over to Grandma K and Pop's house and hung out with Auntie Sav, Uncle Jason and little Bane too.  Bane is too cute and didn't hesitate to get all up in the big girls' business.

I could smooch that little face from now til forever.

Blowing bubbles with Grandma K.

Great Grandma stole a little Lyla squeeze.

Lyla was like a little mother hen with Bane.

Love his expressions!

Four generations!  Just missing our cute little Auntie Jo.

Last year we took this super cute group shot here.  This year it wasn't as cute because Jo was missing, and also because of these stinky children we tried to include.

Back to Papa's and that trampoline!  And this has to be one of my favorite pics of all time.  That sunset was amazing.

Papa and Auntie Kate hid treasures before we came, and took the girls on treasure hunts throughout the week.  Both girls loved every second.  X marks the spot!  :)

Digging up pirate treasure.

Evie loved walking barefoot in this stream.

So much cheese for one little face!

There were butterflies flying around everywhere.  I have to get one of these butterfly bushes!

Our last morning was spent cuddling neighbor dogs.

And running through the sprinklers with Papa.  :)

So much fun!  Can't wait to get back.  :)

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