Thursday, September 1, 2016

Winter Park

A couple of weeks ago the girls and I took an impromptu trip out to Denver to visit our family while Auntie Kate was in town.  Ryan was too busy doing things like "working" and "paying bills", so he didn't get to join us.  Poor guy.  ;)

We hadn't been to Denver for almost a year, and I can't remember the last time we were there in the summer.  It felt so good to be back.  I always miss family but I forget what a sense of "home" Colorado still holds.  It hits me every time we land.  Those mountains, the city skyline, the no humidity.  Ahh, the no humidity.  You and your silky hair have no idea how good you have it, my Coloradans.

We have so many people in Colorado that we don't often get to do things.  We spend all of our time darting from one person to the next, trying to see as many as possible and always failing to see them all.  We rarely get to take the kids to experience any fun things in Colorado, so this time we got to escape from the madness for a couple days and hang out in Winter Park.  It was so beautiful and we had so much fun, I'm dedicating a whole post to those Rocky Mountains.

Here you go!

- K

The girls are completely obsessed with their pink running shoes right now.  They insist that the shoes make them run SO FAST.  Impromptu races break out frequently just to prove it.  ;)

This picture makes me laugh because I was just telling my neighbor yesterday about my first day of 8th grade in a new city.  I wore a navy blue t-shirt with this Coca Cola polar bear on it, and cried the whole way home after realizing that this new city was WAY fancier than my last, and a polar bear t-shirt was not going to cut it.  Ahh, memories.  Haha!

There were so many wildflowers everywhere, it was gorgeous!  And so many hummingbirds buzzing around.  Can you spot this cute little guy??  :)

We took this little ride over the town.

It was so beautiful!

Love this chick!

We stopped in a candy shop but I hadn't brought my wallet.  We were on our way out when we ran into Grammy who said "Oh, I have my..." and Lyla whipped her little self around and excitedly said "You have your wallet?!"  Needless to say, they ended up with candy.  ;)

This is probably my favorite picture of all time.  I honestly didn't even realize that sign was in the background, but I managed to somehow crop it perfectly!

The flowers were seriously amazing, and just everywhere!

We paid so much respect.  ;)

That stink eye is a generational problem, really.  :)

My brother is living at our Dad's house right now, along with his cat Miso.  Miso was incredibly patient.

The next morning we went on a little adventure in the great outdoors.  And Evie obviously did something quite displeasing.

Back to being friends.  :)

"Look, ma!  A bat!"

No really, we found this tiny little bat hanging out on a rock next to the river.  He was still alive, but definitely heading towards the light.

He was so tiny and kind of cute, in a creepy, batty kind of way.

Mud on her face.  Still being fancy.  This chick is redefining the tomboy and princess categories.  ;)

Lyla has always wanted to try this and she did great!

Evie was even big enough to try it out, and couldn't wait after checking out her big sister.

She even nailed a couple of flips!

That tiny girl in a harness!

Evie had a blast.  She's not quite as naturally courageous as her big sister, but she tries her best to follow Lyla's lead.

My littlest love.


Lyla loved the time spent with her Uncle Joe!  She rode the alpine slide several times with him, and couldn't get enough.  I'm telling you they FLEW by me and Sis, and we were going pretty fast!  But even Sis traded up to riding with Papa, so maybe I didn't go that fast after all.  ;)

After lunch we made another candy store run for dessert.  :)

The focus is all jacked up, but I love this picture.  It shows Lyla's little character so perfectly.  She's always in on the joke, and always up for a some fun and a good laugh.   Love that girl.

These poppies were so perfect!

Two of my favorite girls.  So much fun!!

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  1. Funnest day of the glad we got you girls up there. Let's do it again!