Monday, September 26, 2016

State Fair!

A few weeks back we took the kids to the State Fair for some good ol' fried food and rides.  We went on the last Saturday they were open, along with every other person in the state.  It was almost claustrophobic crowded but the weather was perfect and cool, which is probably the only reason I survived. 

Lyla and Evie loved every little bit, even the crowds, so I put a smile on my face and pushed that stinking double stroller through the masses.  For hours.  :)  But really, it was a blast.  Seeing my babies have fun always makes things a whole lot more fun for me.  Plus, who doesn't love those chocolate chip cookies?!

Here are some pics from the day!

- K

Twirlin' to a little polka music.  :)

In his happy place with food around every corner!

To share or not to share...
I've never seen anyone tear apart a turkey leg like this chick did.
I spy a cutie!  :)

Chocolate chip cookie kisses.  My favorite!

Baby cows!  This one was 1 day old.

Little cutie.

This little baby was only 2 hours old.

Backyard chickens are such a dream for us.

Petting some neigh neighs.  :)

Rides are always their favorite part!

Pooped to the max.

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