Thursday, September 8, 2016


In July my cousin, Natalie, lost her precious little girl suddenly, and it rocked all of our worlds. Since I couldn't make it out to celebrate Viviana after the accident, I made arrangements to go out to Cali for what would have been her fourth birthday a couple weeks ago.  Ryan watched the girls, and Goan covered while he was at work, so I got several days just to be with my cousins and Aunt and Uncle.  It was so good to have that quality time with them.  Natalie and I kept busy with an amazing hike followed by yoga on the beach and brunch (complete with mimosas!), crossfit, delicious meals and massages.  On Viviana's birthday a group of us got tattoos in her memory, then we gathered that evening to plant a tree at a nearby park, followed by a birthday party with all of Natalie and Viviana's family and friends.  It was beautiful and emotional.  That little girl is missed by so many.

I read a book recently that described losing someone close to you as if you become a donut, a piece of you forever gone.  The thing is, when you become a parent suddenly so much more of you is that child than yourself.  I have to imagine losing your child is more like losing your entire donut and feeling like the donut hole, a little bit raw and vulnerable on every side.  But even those donut holes eventually get cooked up and covered in frosting and sprinkles, just as sweet and delicious as ever.  The healing process is still just beginning for Natalie, but she is handling it with more strength and grace than you could ever imagine.  It'll take plenty of time, but I have no doubt there are loads of sweet sprinkles in her future.

So much love to my California family.  You guys are always in my heart.  XOXO

- K

Hiking up a ridge right next to the ocean.  We skipped a couple of photo opps to wait for "the best spot" at the top.  But by the time we made it up it was completely foggy.  :)

The view was so beautiful.  I'd move back to California just to take part in more of these hike/yoga/brunch excursions!
It was still so foggy so this picture didn't turn out great, but those things (not the boats :) are seals.  The best part was during our "meditation" two of the seals decided to get into a slapping match.  So peaceful.  ;)

Yoga pose on the beach.  So cheesy, but I had to do it!
We went out to dinner with another cousin, Selene, and my Aunt Arlene.  Love them!

Natalie was up first for her tattoo.

It was so beautiful.
My Uncle Mike went from zero tattoos to four that day!  Go big or go home.  :)

His beautiful pink Viviana tattoo.

I got a V with a heart.

The whole group that got tattoos that morning (with the tattoo artists).

Natalie, Uncle Mike and my tattoos all together.
After tattoos we went to lunch near the ocean with my cousins, Natalie and Bridgit, Uncle Mike and some of their family friends who are now some of my favorite people on Earth.  They have such an amazing and wonderful support system, and nobody deserves it more.
Miss you all!  Wish I could see you a heck of a lot more often.  XOXO

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