Friday, September 23, 2016

First Day of School!

Last week we took our first baby to her first day of school.  Part of me can't believe the school days are already here for Lyla, and a little bit of me wants to just hold her tight and never let her go.  But mostly I just feel so happy for her, and proud of what an amazing kid she is.  She was so eager and excited, and as with everything else in her little life, she had no reservations or fear. 

I'm not gonna lie, tears rolled down my cheeks on the way to school that morning.  It's hard to comprehend how fast these years go, or what a big kid my girl is now.  Or that from now until she leaves our cozy little nest, our endless lazy days at home have been replaced with school schedules and morning routines and home projects.  But more than anything my heart is just swelling with pride and excitement.  She couldn't wait to get started and I couldn't wait to watch her excel.

She's loved every moment at school and is bubbling with excitement both before and after.  She skips on her way into her class, waves and calls out to her friends and hugs her teachers.  She's excited every day to tell me about what she did and cried when I told her she was done with her first week.  They had scheduled an orientation that Monday, so she only got 2 days of school out of the week and it SHOULD HAVE BEEN THREE DAYS, according to her.  :)

Watching my little birdie starting to spread those pretty wings is every bit as heartbreaking as I always imagined, but so much better too.  I used to think I'd want to keep my babies little forever, but watching them grow and learn and discover and become amazing little people that you are so, so proud of - that takes the cake.  Plus, eventually I'd like to actually sleep through the night again.  ;)

Lyla Rose, you are better than the best.  We love you so!

- K

Lyla was so glad Dad got to come to orientation.  :)
It was so cute watching her buzz around, getting dressed and brushing her teeth.  She never wears anything in her hair but starting digging through their bow drawer and grabbed this one (meant for babies) and held it up to her dress to make sure it matched (it matched the leaves almost perfectly) and insisted this was the bow she had to wear.  :)
Little sis had to get in on the action!
So much beauty, on the inside and out.

It was fun to get some one on one time with this girl!  We headed to gymnastics and had a little picnic afterwards.

We did have fun, despite the somber look.  ;)

Evie was excited to pick up her big sister, and we headed home for snacks and sister snuggles.  :)

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