Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Poopy Kinda Day

Today Lyla and I let Kevin out to go poop.  Which he did...and then got it stuck all over his furry butt, which happens way too often in my book.  So we played outside for awhile in an attempt to avoid the inevitable butthole cleaning.  While we're out there Lyla lets me know she's peed, so I go ahead and take her diaper off.  I mean, we're outside so no big deal.  Then she gets all watery-eyed, which is the tell-tale sign of poop...which again, we're outside, so whatever.  I guess.  After she's done I run her inside to her changing table to clean her up, then set her down on the ground (still diaper free) and she pees.  So I clean that up, and realize that I left the puppy outside with the baby poop.  So I run outside, and yep...it's gone.  And then I got to wash the dog poop off of the dog butt with a hose.

Sometimes I can't even handle all the glamour.

We recovered by washing our hands thoroughly, chugging protein shakes, making snickerdoodles and cuddling in the pup's new cozy bed.  There's nothing 4 or 5 cookies can't fix.

- K

1 comment:

  1. What a funny story to remember! and a very cute little helper with the Pebbles doo.