Monday, September 16, 2013

The Weekend

My mom was in town until Saturday afternoon, and Lyla ate up every second.  She dragged that lady around from dawn til dusk every single day.  The only good thing about being away from family is getting the concentrated one on one time when they get to come visit. 

We took Grandma to the farmer's market Saturday morning for breakfast.  Lyla and I got donuts, but Lyla decided she should just go ahead and both.  Personally I think her upside down technique is pretty fool proof.  I mean, the frosting IS the best part.

After donuts and a nap it was time to head to the airport.  We were so sad to say goodbye - Lyla is still talking about grandma anytime any little thing we did comes up.  It's pretty amazing the associations she's making these days.

After the airport we headed to dad's rugby game, which we saw about 5 minutes of before needing to head to the playground.  Luckily we happened to catch one of Ryan's trys and I yelled "Go, Dada!" and clapped with Lyla.  For the rest of the day she would periodically start clapping and yelling "Dada!".  Ryan didn't mind it.

On Sunday Ryan had to work for a few hours, but managed to have a quick dance party with Lyla to some of the music in Despicable Me beforehand.  It was one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

One of the best parts of the weekend was the awesome, cool weather.  It's really starting to feel like Fall and it scares me a little having come off the worst winter of all time, but I do love jeans, boots and sweater weather more than anything.  To celebrate I got out my Fall decorations which consist of 4 decorative pumpkins and 2 pumpkin candles.  I know, I know - getting crazy over here.

Tim also got into the festiveness and tried on his Halloween costume.  I'm pretty sure he loves his dinocat hat more every year.

- K

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