Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Milwaukee Road Trip

This weekend Ryan had a rugby game in Milwaukee which he asked Lyla and I to tag along to.  I am pretty ridiculously bad at geography, and have basically no knowledge of Wisconsin, so my immediate reaction was a very sarcastic "oh, yay."  But we went anyways for an adventure, and an adventure it was.

My cousin lives in Madison, and she happened to be picking up my aunt and uncle in Milwaukee the day of the game.  We hadn't seen them in over a year, so we met up in downtown Milwaukee that night and had so much fun catching up.  Turns out Milwaukee is a super cool little city!  It's a really eclectic combination of new and old, with a huge German influence.  Don't quote me on that because I didn't actually look it up, but just picture lots of cheese, sausage, and gnome shops.

The next morning we stopped in Madison on our way home and met up with the fam again.  We played at a park and ate at a great restaurant called Weary Traveler.  L was a pretty good little trooper the whole time, but I think she had enough "screen time" with the iPad for about a month in those 3 days.  Don't tell her pediatrician.  She was also quite obsessed with her Uncle Mike.  I think she could tell he's a grandpa.  :)

So, Midwest, you prove me wrong once again.  Every once in a while you really are quite tolerable.

- K




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