Thursday, September 19, 2013

Date Night

Last night we got to head out to the Eagles concert, courtesy of Ryan's company.  We love date nights, especially when they don't start until after L goes to bed.  (Why do I have such anxiety about babysitters putting her to bed??)

The concert started at 8, and we incorrectly assumed there would be an opener, so meandered about town until 8:45 only to find out we'd missed 1/3 of the concert.  Luckily we didn't seem to miss any of their best songs.

The band is all about 65 years old now, and so were a majority of the concert goers, which actually had some perks.  Mostly those included the fact that no one stood except for maybe 3 songs, and a bathroom break/ intermission in the middle.  The worst parts were the insane lines for the bathroom during said intermission, and the place was freaking HOTTTT.  I blamed the old folks for turning up the furnace.  Ryan blamed my pregnancy hormones.  To each his own.

They saved the best for last - Hotel California and Take It Easy.  And so did we - with a stop at Taco Bell on our way home.  All in all a very good night.

- K


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