Tuesday, September 24, 2013

4:30 AM Wake Up Calls and Other First World Problems

We had quite the early wake up call this morning, and let me tell you - 4:30 AM certainly looks a lot cuter than it feels. 
I have to say that I've been feeling a little off lately.  I finally made it through the sickness of the first trimester, but these hormones have been a real B.  And it obviously must be the hormones, because I'm simply never like that on my own accord...
For the most part I consider myself to be a pretty optimistic person, and I think I keep things in perspective, realizing that so many others are going through such harder times, but I have just been down lately.  Things have just been harder in general this time around, and I've had a whole list of complaints at the ready for anyone willing to listen.  Which is mostly just Ryan.  The other day I was going over the list, getting all "woe is me" when I realized that every one of them were such "first world problems".  It dawned on me that none of these things were real problems, and it was time to quit the pity parties.
But the truth of the matter is 19 month olds are HARD WORK.  Man, this girl is just getting to be more fun by the day with all the crazy personality coming out of the woodwork, but she is also getting more active, opinionated, whiny, and ever closer to those dreaded terrible twos.  Speaking of, I have a question.  If they didn't even bother to name this crazy pre-2 stage, like it's not even a blip on the terrible two radar, just how horrible are these terrible twos?  And what were we thinking having our kids almost exactly 2 years apart??? 
Well, this morning when I got that wake up call from the cutest little 19 month old, I knew it could be the start of a very bad day.  But I do believe that your attitude is a choice, and choosing to be happy was what I did today.  And guess what, me and my girl had one of the very best days.  4:30 wake up call and all.  

- K
P.S. This week is our 1 year anniversary of our blog and I have a really exciting giveaway to announce!  Stay tuned this week to find out the details!!

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  1. You're really good at putting your daily problems into perspective...that's not easy to do! And those are cute jammies.