Thursday, August 29, 2013

Last Weekend

So now that it's almost the weekend I can finally get around to a post about last weekend.  I mean, it's not like blogs are supposed to be timely or anything.

Last weekend was a really good one, and even included some Pinterest success stories, which given my track record isn't exactly the norm.

Saturday was Lyla Snoozapalooza '13.  She slept from 7pm to 9 am.  NINE AM.  I slept in until 8 and had an entire hour to drink coffee in peace, which was kind of amazing.  Except for the slight paralyzing fear I always feel when she sleeps too long and all I want to do is bust in that room to make sure she's still breathing.  Am I the only one that does that?

Once she finally woke up I started my Pinterest experiment #1, power blueberry muffins.  And they were SO delish.  Lyla even helped out with the stirring, in between dancing to the Spice Girls with her dad.

You can find the muffin recipe here.

After muffins and a trip to the park we came home and Lyla took a 2 1/2 hour nap.  Have I mentioned that she is officially down to just one nap a day?  And it's typically 2 hours right on the dot.  But why not throw in that extra half hour when she got 14 hours of sleep the night before??

When I went into her room I found out that Carlos, our Mexicat, had snuck in and napped in her crib with her the entire time.  Lyla was ok with it.

Sunday we went to church and MADE IT ON TIME.  Can I get a "hallelujah"?!  Then we went out to this super cute area just north of Minneapolis to have brunch and take pictures with one of Ryan's rugby teammates for Rugby Mag.  It was hotter than Hades and soo humid, so we decided to sit outside for brunch.  Never mind the frizzy, sweaty messes we were all becoming before said photos.  But brunch was delish, and it was fun to get to know the other couple, so not a total failure. 

Is anybody else getting sick of seeing her in the same dresses over and over and over??  I am.  And yet all of the stores are now carrying sweaters, jeans and boots and it's in the 90's every dayyyy.  Come on Fall, can you just live here all the time?

To celebrate the heat that night I went ahead and made some piping hot chicken tortilla soup.  Another Pinterest find, which was tasty, but I'd save it for a nice cool day.  Lesson learned.

I also made a tomato-avocado salad, which it turns out isn't super photogenic, but very, very tasty.  And it didn't have sweaty, frizzy hair, so that's nice at least.

I know, I know.  My photography is breathtaking. 

You can find the soup recipe at the bottom of the page here, and the salad recipe here.

- K

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