Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Recap

First of all, can I just tell you that it got ABOVE freezing today?!  We're talking a whole 34 degrees!  Never ever thought I'd be so excited about those extra 2 degrees.  L and I celebrated by taking a walk, and even saw 6 puppies!  Safe to say it was a good day for us both...despite the fact that it was a Monday.
The weekend was jam packed, and uh, interesting.  We kicked it off with some homemade seafood scampi (delish) and "This is 40" (terrible).  Saturday we went to the gym, had an afternoon date - sushi at Kona Grill (also delish) and "Olympus Has Fallen" (also terrible).  We then volunteered to chaperone a 16 year old birthday party in a warehouse downtown with a professional DJ.  I have to say that the kids were mostly, disappointingly, polite and well behaved.
Sunday kicked off the rugby season for Ryan, where Lyla and I came thisclose to getting trampled.  You could literally see the peacock feathers ruffle on Ryan...all I can say is that guy is glad he didn't actually hit us.  We also had some new friends over for dinner, which was fun. 
A little bit of warmth and friends...maybe there is hope for us out here in this arctic wasteland after all.
- K

eating tomatoes like apples...and bedhead

they're my favorite

she's the cuddliest

bringing spring inside the house since it refuses outside
two new loves...mama's shoes and squatting
peekaboo in her "house"

she really loves this thing

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  1. I'm glad you three survived the arctic wasteland. Looks like LR's house is nice and comfy!