Wednesday, March 13, 2013



I remember when my sisters and I were kids we would go through these obsessive phases where we loved one particular thing, and everything revolved around it for a while.  For me there were Mickey Mouse, frogs, and then anything sparkly.  Savannah had an awesome "Lil Homies" fetish, and Jo loved horses and Beauty and the Beast. 

We're suddenly getting into the beginning of those stages with Lyla.  Girlfriend definitely has some obsessions these days.  For example, she cannot get enough cuties...a habit I happily obliged until the diaper situation went really wrong.  We've since had to closely monitor that intake, which means keeping them completely out of sight or she will literally freak out and not eat anything else.

She's also learned how to make elephant, cow, and fish sounds, and therefore is completely infatuated with any and all of those animals.  She walks around all day making that cute little elephant sound and bringing books with elephants in them to us to read, pointing out each elephant and making her sound.  (Have I mentioned how freakin smart she is?!)

I am having so much fun watching this girl grow up.  How can every stage possibly be even better than the one before??

- K

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  1. Haha! She sounds ADORABLE! I completely agree that every stage becomes "my favorite". Cute photos!