Monday, March 18, 2013

Dad's Turn- Fishy, Fishy, Fishy!

This is what I have been waiting for!  Not to imply, of course, that the first 12 months of Lyla’s life have not been extraordinary, and not that I ever openly admitted it.  Now that we are here though, I can say confidently that I have very much looked forward to this stage in my little princess’ life.
I have longed to chase her around, and play, and sit on the floor and read every book that she carefully selects from the bookshelf. 
Kassi, it seems, has found the seemingly overnight transition from baby to little girl very emotional, as if time is moving too fast.  I on the other hand seem to be falling in love with my daughter even more every day… and I never thought that possible.  Today she saw a picture of a bird in a book and pointed to her daddy’s new bird tattoo on his wrist.  I am utterly astonished on a daily basis.

She also enjoys the fun places we take her a lot more.  Mostly because she is awake nowadays for them, but also because she can run from one thing to the next, and scream her little heart out like she did at the aquarium on Sunday afternoon.  I wasn’t sure how much she would get out of it but when she would see a fish and squeal and make a pop, pop, pop sound (imitating the way a fish moves its mouth), I was once again left in awe.

I also almost punched a two year old boy this week when he pushed Lyla in the face.  So it appears that my protective instincts may be notching up slightly as well.
So to all the other new dads, expectant dads, and hopeful future dads out there; the first time some idiot says “boy you just wait until they start walking… then you are really in trouble!”  Just give em the old Bart Scott response… “Can’t Wait!”

- R

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