Sunday, March 3, 2013


Last week I had to go to Virginia for work.  The first time in more than 3 months that I've gone more than 2 waking hours without my sweet little girl.  So, in a way, I kind of like these quick trips - they allow me to get out and about and remember what my pre-baby life was like. 

HOWEVER, I do not like coming back after less than 3 days - 65 hours to be exact - and seeing HUGE changes in her.  I kid you not she had more hair, was walking LIKE A PRO, could finally do the arms in the air "so big" thing, AND would put her one little finger in the air when you ask her how old she is.  She also apparently became a chocoholic, the way she practically jumped out of my arms to get the chocolate chip bag when I opened the pantry.

Sorry to get all "capsy" on you, but seriously, not fair. 

Also, for the record, we have the absolute best nanny ever.  EVER.

Also, also for the record...she couldn't stop saying "mama" once I got home.  And that makes a girl feel gooood.

- K

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