Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oh, Hey Snow

one year old!

yes, that snow bank IS as tall as that house

Anyone remember the beginning of winter when I was so excited to finally get our first snow?  I knew at the time that we had it coming, and I would probably regret the day I ever wanted it to snow.  And here we are.  It pretty much won't stop snowing, and it's always cold.  Always, always, always.  But instead of complain, I'm going to keep it positive:

Way to go, Minnesota.  A+ for consistency.

Anyways, L is a little obsessed with puppies these days.  She'd be content to stand at the front window all day long just to lookout for "puh-puh-puh"s.  Yesterday we'd both been inside all day, so after work I decided to bundle us up and head out in search of any and all puppies. 

We ended up at the neighborhood park, where I quickly realized there are no paths shoveled, and also that I did not wear foot-deep-snow-friendly shoes.  Needless to say, my ankles froze quickly and we did not last long at the park.

On the way home we finally met one pup.  The owner told Lyla, "her name is Cassie!"  I laughed and told him that was also my name, not thinking twice about it or being offended in the least.  The poor guy though, he was stumbling over himself with an apology, totally embarrassed about it.  I'm pretty sure I ruined his day, just by having the same name as his dog.  I felt a little guilty leaving, like maybe I should have stayed to make sure he was OK.  But, you know, frozen ankles.

All in all, I would say not my favorite outing, but we did find a puppy and that equals major success in Lyla's book.  Which is really all that matters in my book.

Oh, and that blue thing in L's hand?  A toothbrush.  She's also a little obsessed with dental hygiene.  Or maybe it's just the bubblegum flavored baby toothpaste?

- K

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  1. You are such a good writer --- this blog could win best new baby-related site of year. Excellent picture and humor quality!