Monday, October 29, 2012

Insta Weekend

nerd chic
another winter hat
halloween costume supplies
crafty cat
can't. move. my. arms.
Here are some pics from Instagram this weekend.  We had a pretty quiet weekend which mostly consisted of sitting around the house and chasing Lyla around...and maybe some random outbursts of song and dance, followed by hysterical laughter.  Our kids are totally going to hate us by the time they reach middle school. 
Some weekend discoveries:
1) We have the sweetest baby in all the land.  We even miss her while she's sleeping. 
2) We also have a strong-willed child that has started laughing when we say "no!".
3) Lyla has quite the sophisticated palette.  We went to sushi on Friday night, and she happily munched on rice, avocado, sweet potato, eggplant, and unagi.  She's a pretty good little eater.
4) ...unless you give her something she doesn't like.  While a turn of the head or "sour" face would do, she makes sure you get the point by also gagging and dry heaving.  Pretty hilarious.
5) Going out to eat with a baby is getting harder.  A lot harder.
6) Crafting with cats and babies is interesting.
7) We are suddenly very old.  This realization came three fold: a) Ryan chased the neighborhood kids down the street after seeing them smashing pumpkins. b) He also exclaimed on a separate occasion "WHAT is that noise?! It must be those damn neigborhood kids making all sorts of racket again!" c) Instead of attending crazy Halloween parties like the rest of our Facebook friends, we went to bed early every night and I made an infant costume.  Just call me Martha Stewart.
Hope you had a good weekend too! 
- K
p.s. you can find us on Instagram at @rdchapma and @kassirosechapman

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