Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dad's Turn- Drawer Monsters

I tease Kassi once in a while when she is getting ready.  Actually I tease her all of the time but whenever she gets dressed she tends to pull every clothing item out of every drawer and throw it on the floor.  Seriously, there is shit everywhere.  My favorite quip when this occurs is "it looks like there was a drawer monster attack in here".  For those of you who don’t know my wife she has lots of clothes and lots of shoes and for the last year or so she has steadily been building a wardrobe for Lyla that most grown women cannot fathom.  I have gone along with this ridiculous behavior for two very logical reasons; one, my wife does whatever she wants and two, so does my baby.  What I didn't know though is how easy it would be to create a little drawer monster.  A drawer monster that even at 8 month is extremely cognizant of both her attire and her accessories.  A little drawer monster who while most infants won’t keep a hat on for 2 seconds will still be rocking a sparkly headband 2 hours after being dropped off in day care.  While watching these two is obviously super cute and makes me love them even more... it also makes me wonder exactly how long I have before L asks to reinvest her college fund in Christian Louboutins.

- R

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