Tuesday, October 16, 2012

These Days

pulling dad's hair so he doesn't notice stealing his credit card

organizing mom's shoes

first big girl breakfast

helping around the house

Let me just start with SHE SAID MAMA!!!  I win.  ;)  Except I also lose, because the little stinker knows exactly when to use it to her advantage.  Like when I put her down for a nap and she doesn't want to sleep.  It is simultaneously the cutest and most heartbreaking thing ever.  That girl is one smart cookie.

In other news,  we made another trip to the doctor (nothing again...go figure), went to a UFC fight, did some furniture shopping (which I'm SO excited about! I'll post pics as soon as we have some more decorating done!), found a great new restaurant - Pittsburgh Blue, and had drinks with some friends.

We've also started feeding L more finger foods, which she LOVES.  It's fun to see her try new foods, and figure out how to use those pudgy little hands to put little bites of food in her mouth, but holy cow is she a mess.  Anyone know where to find a full body bib?  ;)

- K

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