Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bunny Hoarder

Lyla has always loved her little bunny blankie.  The combination of fur, velvet and silk, and those thin, floppy ears send her straight into thumb sucking heaven.  The older she gets the more attached she gets...and the dirtier and more worn out it gets.  I realized that the little bunny wouldn't last forever, being drug along wherever she goes, so I decided to stock up...and bought four more.  Haha, when Ryan saw them all he said "FOUR?!  Any reasonable person would have gotten one more...or maybe two.  FOUR?!"  So, maybe I have a little "doomsday prepper" in me, but Lyla sure appreciates it.  She squealed as I took each one out of the package, and prefers to have them all at one time these days.  :)

- K

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