Monday, October 22, 2012

Cheetos and Football

a little obsessed with cheetos

cheeto aftermath

Since having Lyla we've been pretty adamant about making an effort to maintain a "normal" life and keep doing the things we've always done.  So, when we got great tickets for the Viking's game but couldn't find a babysitter to save our lives, we said what the heck?  Let's bring the lil babe along!  ...even after stating matter of factly at the last game that I would never bring our little wiggle worm to the metrodome.

We searched high and low and finally found baby earplugs, packed up the little lady, and took off...hoping and praying we weren't complete idiots for giving it a shot.  Of course, as always, she was a dream.  We showed up about a quarter into the game, left at the beginning of the 4th, and I mostly spent my time making sure she wasn't rubbing cheetos on our neighbors or pulling hair/hats/jackets/anything in reach on the people in front of us, but it was overall a huge success.  It was only a little weird when she started saying "dada" when she saw Jared Allen.  (haha, just kidding!)

She munched on cheetos the whole time, and some pretzel, so she was a happy camper.  Seriously, she loves cheetos more than anything.  But don't worry, we closely monitor her intake...God knows this world doesn't need another Honey Boo Boo Child.  ;)

- K

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