Saturday, October 6, 2012

8 Months?!

Our sweet little baby turned 8 months today.  It literally feels like yesterday that she was an 8 lb 3 oz sleepy little thing, and suddenly she's a 20 pound crazy lady.  I've spent a lot of time this week reminiscing about the newborn times with my friend that just had her first, so I decided to capture all the little baby parts that I LOVE SO MUCH before they're lost in toddlerhood (and then kidhood, and teenagehood, and adulthood...why does it go so fast??  WAH)

I meant to just take a few pics of my most favorite parts, but who am I kidding?  Every single part is my favorite.  I mean, when else are dimply thighs and cankles cute??  Soooo, I ended up having a lot more photos to share than I intended.  Sorry I'm not sorry.  ;)

- K

thigh rolls

more rolls

that belly...chunky babies are the best


double chinny


those cheeks!

more giggles :)

sweetest face EVER

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