Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Disney World!!

Oh, hey!  My kids are actually asleep, so back to our Florida vacation...  ;)

We left the beach after three days and headed back inland for Orlando and Disney World.  We checked into our hotel and immediately hit the pool where we shared lunch with a duck and took full advantage of the water slide.  Looking back I still feel excited about that day.  I honestly don't know who was more giddy about making it to Disney World - me or the girls. 

After a few hours at the pool we headed out to Ryan's Uncle Steve's place for some homemade mojitos and jambalaya.  It's always good to see family, and it was the first time our girls had the chance to meet Uncle Steve and our cousins.  The food was amazing, the drinks were strong, and the company was even better.  They also happened to have a 4-wheeler which I think the girls will be forever obsessed with.  They had so much fun and demanded ride after ride after ride. 

Our room had two queen beds, which meant my Sis slumber parties continued.  She was a pretty good little sleeper, I think mostly because she got to sleep horizontally across the entire bed with her little feet propped on my chest.  One night in the middle of the night I was woken up to her yelling "Tootsies!!  Tootsies!!!"  I froze, not knowing if she was awake and hoping she wasn't.  It was silent after that, so I can only guess what she was dreaming about.  :)

We had two days at the Magic Kingdom, and I'm still amazed by what troopers our girls were.  They did so great, especially considering how overwhelming and tiring the whole experience was, even for us adults.  The trip was so much fun, I am so thankful we got to make it happen.  I thought a little bit about the fact that our girls are young and wondered if it would be better to go when they can remember more.  I am so glad we went when we did.  It was pure magic, the way their eyes lit up with every little thing.  They may not end up remembering much, but these will be some of my favorite memories forever.  We'll just have to keep going back so they do remember!  ;)

Here are some pics from Orlando!

- K

Ryan with his dad, uncle and cousins Eon and Aron.  And Lyla, of course.  :)

On a mission to that pool.

One of my favorite things is how those cheeks eat up every one of her swimsuits.  I'm told it won't be so funny when she's a teenager.  :)

Our friendly lunch companion.

She jumped in the pool and swam away right after this.  :)

Waiting in line for Disney World!!

We made it!!!

So much resting B face.

Our first ride - It's a Small World!

Our next ride was the Pirates of the Caribbean.  They cleverly drop you off into the pirate shop.  Lyla wanted one of everything.

I think secretly so did he.  :)

F U N - the new way to spell trouble.  ;)

The carousel will forever be Sis's favorite ride.  Her least favorite thing is being told to get off.

Rapunzel's tower!  Most of our days focused around the princesses.

Despite the Anna dress  all. the. time. Cinderella is actually Lyla's favorite princess right now.  Which was convenient because the line for Cinderella and Rapunzel was WAY shorter than Elsa and Anna.

Sis calls Elsa "Go" (because she sings Let it Go) and Anna "On", and they're kind of the only princesses she's really familiar with, so she kept saying "Go? On?" to these princesses...which thoroughly confused them.  :)

The hands on the hips thing is new, but so Evie.  :)

It kills me!

Evie had enough with lines by the time Lyla made it to Merida, but it was by far her favorite princess experience.  They really hit it off, which is appropriate because Lyla has quite a bit of Merida's feisty spirit herself.

They made it all day with just short naps in the stroller.  Needless to say they were pooped when we got back, so we ordered room service and watched a Sofia the First marathon.

The next day we headed straight to Elsa and Anna.  The park technically opened at 9, and we made it to the line slightly before that.  The wait was already an hour long!  Sis was already exhausted and did not take kindly to the wait.  Her and I snuck out and rode the carousel next door, which only enraged her further when we yet again had to get OFF the ride.  She promptly fell right to sleep after that and completely missed Go and On.  But we were all much better off after that nap.  ;)
Funny story about that book in the picture.  It's a chapter book about Elsa and Anna that we had brought for the flight.  I'd noticed the day before that a lot of girls were bringing autograph books for the princesses to sign so I had the brilliant idea to bring this book with us for Elsa and Anna to sign.  When Lyla walked up to Elsa she handed the book over and Elsa asked if there was a certain place she wanted her to sign.  Lyla grabbed the book back and slowly flipped through the entire thing, finally settling on page 121.  We were dying on the sidelines going just pick a page!!  But Elsa had a great sense of humor and joked about page 121 and how it was her favorite too.  Too darn cute.

The stepsisters were not worthy of a wait in line.  ;)

Evie's "thumbs up".  :)

Teacup selfie!  Nobody else could handle the spinning rides so I had to take one for the team.

We headed back to the hotel for real naps so we could head back and stay late for the parade.  I started out in the middle of them and was quickly forced out.  ;)

The grandparents took the girls for a bit so we could ride Space Mountain.  And get a quick castle kiss pic.  :)
My darling husband says I look like I have special needs here.  Haha!  I just couldn't contain the excitement.  :)

Getting ready for the parade!


Snow White!

We finished the night with fireworks and a light show on the castle.  It was so fun.  I can't wait to go back!!

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  1. Pure happiness on all your faces! Perfect age for LR to meet princess Anna and the others.