Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Zoo with Goan!

We've been making the most of every warm weather day we get around here since they're still being sandwiched between freezing cold rainy days. On one of those days recently we skipped naps and headed to the zoo with Goan Goan.  Surprisingly enough, Princess Anna joined us as well.  ;)

I'm pretty sure we happened to be there right before feeding time because we had the entire monkey herd (I don't know the technical term for a group of monkeys) gather below us when "somebody" (Lyla) dropped a goldfish into their pit.  We also had a Lynx attempt to maul both girls, and a fish that thought Lyla's face was pretty appetizing.  It was probably the most entertaining trip to the zoo I've ever been a part of.

The girls had a blast, per the usual, and especially loved that Goan Goan got to come along.  At the end we played in the new playground area.  When it was time to leave, a mom with a baby strapped to her chest was having a hard time gathering her defiant little two year old, so Super Goan came to the rescue and scooped up that two year old and walked him over to his stroller.  (It was like she'd experienced that before or something...)  As she walked away with a child in her arms, both of my children just about started hyperventilating.  Lyla cried with complete bewilderment "Goan is taking care of ANOTHER kid!?!" and Evie just bawled "Gooooaaaannnnn".  I'd barely talked them off the ledge by the time she came back to us.  It's safe to say there are no separation anxiety issues going on around here.  ;)

Here are some photos from the day!

- K

Goan and the girls

My little Mowgli-Princess Anna-Merida-Cinderella

We spied Dad's fave - ring tailed lemurs!

They love taking pictures with me :)

Checking out some turtles.

This was a little bat cave.  When Evie figured out what they were she kept saying "Blah, blah, blah!"  Tell me you've watched Hotel Transylvania a million times like we have??

Eyeing the "chomp chomps"

The hungry fish.  It was hysterical!  As soon as Lyla walked up it pressed it's ugly face to the glass.  When she would do the same it would open it's mouth like this.  So funny.

The hungry lynx.  Thank God for that glass barrier!

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