Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sea World

Our flight didn't take off until 9pm on our last day in Florida so we decided to take advantage of the time and check out Sea World.  The girls loved the flamingos and the aquarium, and everyone loved the Orca show.  I wouldn't know since I was out forcing our cranky two year old into a little nap.  ;)

The dolphin show was fun, and there was a cute little kid area with rides.  To be honest, it just didn't compare to the excitement and amazing customer service at Disney World, but I'm glad we went.  I have such good memories from my childhood of the park, so I'm glad that our kids got to experience it, even if it's just the once.

- K

That face!  :)

This is some sort of seahorse!  I've never seen anything like it.

So majestic!  It's crazy to think they won't have these guys there after this generation.

"Hasn't anyone seen Black Fish?!?!"

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