Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Grandma Kay and Mother's Day!

My mom came into town last Thursday night for Mother's Day and we had the best long weekend.  It was the first time she's been in town that I wasn't trying to work and have her watch my kids, which never really went well.  The last time she was in town we happened to find our house posting so she got to tour it with us, but has never been back since we bought it.  It was fun to give her the tour again, and the girls were so excited to spend some time with Grandma Kay, which eventually just became Kay Kay by the end of the trip.  :)

She flew in the night of Cinco de Mayo, but we didn't really get to celebrate so we did homemade guac, steak tacos and Mexican beers to celebrate Seis de Mayo instead.  On Saturday Ryan volunteered to take the girls all day so we could have a fun, leisurely girl's day.  We saw Mother's Day, had sushi for lunch and did some shopping.  When we got home the girls had helped Ryan pick out and plant flowers for the house - which naturally turned into running through the sprinklers when they got to the whole watering part.

On Sunday we went to church, then came back home for homemade eggs benedict and mimosas.  I realized that the last time I'd had homemade eggs benedict was when my mom made them for me on my wedding morning.  :)  After naps we made an impromptu decision to go to Lake Calhoun for ice cream.  A decision approximately every other Minnesotan made, considering we waited in line for almost two hours to order our food - which had turned into dinner AND ice cream by the time we got to the window.  But the weather was glorious and the food was amazing.  I'd even venture to say it was the best Mother's Day yet.

Can't wait til our next Kay Kay visit!

- K

Our Seis de Mayo fare

Sis prefers "nakey" over anything these days.  :)

Dancing with Grandma Kay

Evie loved that Grandma had blue eyes like her.  :)

Sushi date!

Getting soaked :)

I'm not into bragging or anything, but I totally nailed those poached eggs  ;)

Post church uniforms :)

My pretty mama

Yes, we're totally (still) those neighbors with naked babies running around :)

Before I could even think about getting pictures these girls tore off their church dresses and got comfy.  They were so cooperative about taking pictures (for once!) I didn't dare mess with their outfits.

Love him

Lake Calhoun

Paddle boating with Dad while my mom and I waited in line...forever

Ice cream, finally!

It was the prettiest sunset.  And past Evie's bedtime.  ;)

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