Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Beach

Last week we went to Florida on our first real family vacation.  I spent a lot of time planning everything but heading into the week I was pretty nervous on how everything would really go.  I tend to go into big family plans with these dreamy expectations, only to have them slowly shredded apart by toddlers flopping on the floor in tears, so I decided not to have many expectations this time around.  And even decided not to let the stormy weather forecast get me down ahead of time.

Lyla couldn't wait to get to the princesses at Disney World, but didn't have many feelings about the beach, which we planned for the first few days of the trip.  That is, until we got to the beach and her inner beach bum bubbled up from within.  Sure enough, when we landed it was a bit cloudy, and even rained a bit during our 2 hour drive out to the beach.  Miraculously we drove right out of the storm and had beautiful weather when we arrived at our beach cottage.  We managed a PR in family change time, getting into our bathing suits and racing to the ocean.  I ran back for my camera, afraid this would be our only good weather while we were there, and came back to these amazing little beach beauties.  They were complete naturals, burying themselves in the sand and running and diving into the waves.  It was like they'd spent every weekend at the beach, which is exactly what it made me want to do from that moment on.

We took it so easy at the beach, got groceries and ate in for every meal.  The sleeping arrangements ended up being less than ideal, with one girl still in a crib and no cribs or anything similar to be found.  But we made it work, and by that I mean I slept with Sis every night, which was an adventure every night.  But every morning they woke up in great spirits, with Lyla saying "Is it morning?!  Let's have a stack of pancakes and go to the beach!"  So that's exactly what we did.  Sunrise ocean dips and stacks of pancakes, cheerful girls and mostly good night sleeps.  AND the weather did a total 180, giving us great weather every day except the day we left, which is exactly the opposite of what the forecast had predicted.  I'm telling you, it was the dreamiest.  Everything I didn't dare hope for, and I'm really not even sure how we pulled it off.

Here are some pics from the beach! 

- K

So excited to head out to the beach for the very first time!

I spent so much time looking for the right place to stay.  It was so simple, nothing fancy, but they key was having it so close to the ocean.  It made it so easy to run in and out as the girls pleased.  It was perfect.

Our view!

If you think I was kidding about the sunrise trips to the beach, I was not.  :)

It was so beautiful, I could live in that moment forever.

Back inside for that pancake stack!  :)

We ventured out one day to the nearest pier, which was at Daytona Beach.  It was a windy day but we managed to find some rides and a super cute ice cream shop.  Rides and ice cream are pretty much the number one way to our kids' hearts.

This poor guy couldn't even see our little linebacker coming for him.  He was thisclose to being flat on the ground.

Evie chose this lollipop instead of ice cream.  Followed by tastes of all of our ice cream cones.  :)

Collecting rocks.  It's the little things.  :)

Couldn't not include one of these little guys.  We saw a million of them, and went on frequent lizard hunts.  I told Lyla how their tails would fall off if you grabbed it, so every time we'd chase one down she'd yell "Don't break their tails!!!"  :)  

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