Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Big Girl Bike!

Today I had some pretty big, exciting plans, which included cleaning our toilets, picking up play areas, and dishes.  Always dishes.  Lyla's plans included taking some change we've collected to the bank, then picking out a big girl bike, and playing.  Sis seemed to mostly have planned on screaming in my face immediately she woke up at 6am.  Seriously, teething can just get lost already.

Lyla and Evie successfully crossed off all their to-do's, the overachievers, but mine did not go as well.  Buying the bike turned into building the bike, turned into "Surprise!  We gave you two left pedals!  Hahahahahahaha!!!"  So then my precious both-girls-are-napping-time-to-get-stuff-done time turned into call-and-wait-on-hold-for-customer-service time, and me trying my best to be kind and keep my patience because it just recently dawned on me that I should practice what I preach to my little girls. 

BUT, we got it figured out and Lyla got her dreamy princess bike with two correct pedals, and I got one toilet cleaned.  And the kitchen counters wiped.  What's that they say about cleaning and scrubbing waiting 'til tomorrow?  I'm pretty sure that's my newest motto.  I'm don't know how many tomorrow's it actually can wait, but I'm willing to find out.  ;)

Here's a couple pics of Lyla on her bike.  She is so proud of it, and I'm so proud of her.  :)

- K

Sis doing her "thumbs up".  She does it all the time and it's my favorite.  Lyla and her thumbs down.  I'm pretty sure she has no clue that's actually negative...

But now they can both do thumbs down!  Yay!

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