Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend with Auntie Kate

Memorial Day weekend is typically my least favorite long weekend.  It almost always falls on the end of the month, which up until this year meant my Fiscal Year end and Ryan's month end close out, and just to rub it in it usually rains.  Which meant all work and no fun.  This year was quite a different story, and included a sort of impromptu trip from Auntie Kate, a Zac Brown Band concert, a landscaping project and two very casual barbecues at our house.  Go big or go home, am I right?

Here are some photos from the weekend!  Thanks for the visit, Auntie Kate!

- K

When Kate booked her trip for this particular weekend I had forgotten about our concert tickets that we'd had for months.  We bought a cheap ticket the day of and snuck her into our seats.  Luckily the people around us were super tipsy friendly and accommodating.  Luckily for everyone else at the concert we decided to be "smart" and wear our rain gear since it had been calling for rain and thunderstorms that night.  So, you're welcome all you ladies in your cute little dresses and adorable cowboy boots.   Our preparedness guaranteed your good weather for the evening.

On Saturday we had a landscaper come remove the sod from around our house so we could add some landscaping.  Ryan took care of the weed guard and edging, and I still had no idea what the heck I was going to plant anywhere.  The only thing I knew was I needed lilacs, which is what actually prompted this entire project.

The next day we headed to a local nursery where these guys and gals were busy resting.

They had donkeys and reindeer and a playground set.  It was a dream come true for the girls!

On Monday some neighbors came around to see how it was going, and I think they saw the panic in my eye when it was already nap time and I hadn't even accomplished digging one hole.  Next thing I knew all their kids had shovels and every last hole was complete.  Poor Kate might have regretted coming the weekend of our landscaping project.  :)

The girls took the skin cancer PSA's a little too seriously.  ;)

We found this Saint Joseph figure while we were digging.  Apparently it's something people do when they're selling their houses?  It was the most interesting buried treasure we found all day.

In between working we obviously had to have some Princess Anna time.

And play time.

And strike a pose time.

And pink lipgloss duck face time.  :)

And kitty snuggle time.  (Tim loves his aunts the most.)
This is from our second "very casual" barbecue.  I say very casual because I actually made both sets of guests bring a majority of the food and yes, that is dirt on my knees.  It's fortunate to have good friends around that don't care about petty things like "showering" or "brushing your hair", or even providing food for a barbecue that you are in fact hosting!  ;)

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