Friday, November 1, 2013


Am I the only mom guilty of having these magical fairy godmother expectations of all holidays, and then getting sorely disappointed when your sweet little child doesn't care and/or throws a huge fit and crushes all of your dreams? 

We had a bit of a rough start to our Halloween festivities last night.  It's hard enough to get anything done in the two hours between work and bedtime, and getting an almost 21 month old fed, in a costume, out the door and back by 7 is somewhat rushed and hectic.  Being in a rush turns me into that Snickers commercial where I become a nasty, sour version of myself (it also happens when I'm tired.  Or hungry.  Or pregnant.  No wonder Ryan has all these "away games" for rugby lately.  ;)

Anyways, I'm pretty sure Lyla inherited these qualities from me because the girl does NOT like to be rushed.  And rushing is what happened.  And then tantrums happened.  On both of our parts.  But I'm glad to say that we both managed to pull it together and L had what I think turned out to be the best night of her life. 

First we went to the party the fire station down the street had and she ran around like she was born for this.  There was a puppy jump house that she was obsessed with, and she was not shy about collecting her candy from the stations the fire fighters had set up.  She wasn't even shy about taking seconds or thirds from some.  Have I mentioned how much she likes chocolate?

After that party we stopped at a couple of houses for trick-or-treating, and she had the most fun.  She kind of said trick-or-treat, obsessed over puppies that greeted her at the door, said "BYE-BYE!" and ran as fast as she could for the next house.  Her favorite stop was the house that gave out full size candy bars.  She refused to put in her basket, and held it in her little hand for the rest of the night.  I think she would have slept with it if she could. 

As soon as she woke up this morning she remembered all the candy, and the "choc-WA?!" requests started early.  We had to settle for chocolate milk to get her past noon, the official chocolate happy hour.

So, it ended up being a pretty cute, perfect Halloween night.  Tantrums and all.  ;)

- K


so proud of her loot
my favorite face
spotted the puppy with his tongue hanging out :)
check out this candy, puppy!

always the gracious guest, stopped to clean before leaving
hurry, dad!!  more chocolate!!!
creepiest house on the block

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  1. That had to be the cutest pig-tailed pink-booted kitty in town! I'll bet the neighbors loved having her come to their doors.