Friday, November 8, 2013

First Snow

My post the other day was more timely than I knew.  The very next morning we woke up to our first snow.  There's something about that first snow that just feels good.  It's so pretty and white and a reminder that the holidays are right around the corner.  Lyla obviously doesn't have any memories of snow, but somehow was so excited about it, like she'd been waiting all her life for it to snow.  As soon as we came downstairs she pointed out the back door and yelled "Lyla!"  (She's very into speaking in the third person right now.)  Then kept pointed and saying "oushide!  oushide!" 

Before we could even eat breakfast we had to bundle up and head outside to check out the snow.  It was really freezing, and as soon as we got out there Lyla looked at me and said "brrr!  coe!"  I love how much she's talking these days, it's so fun to have these little mini conversations that aren't so one-sided any more. 

We didn't stay out long, but Lyla and Kevin had a great time goofing off in the white stuff.  We'll see how well we're all holding up in 5 or 6 months when it's STILL snowing.  ;)

- K

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  1. LR looks nice and warm in her kitty hat and snowsuit...she's ready to go snowboarding with her aunt Kate. Can't wait to hear her talking at Christmas!