Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Freshly Picked Moccasins

A little while ago we were able to host a giveaway for Freshly Picked Moccasins, and I was so excited to get to partner with such an amazing company.  I'm not one of those hardcore "support small business" people - I shop almost daily at Target and we eat out at chain restaurants more often than not.  But, I am big on supporting companies I believe in.  There are a handful that I would consider to be my favorites - companies that I don't feel bad about splurging at because I know I am supporting some great people.  I think it's fantastic when people have a dream and make it happen, and I really like when I see good people succeed.  Freshly Picked is one of those companies for me, and Susan Peterson, the owner, is one of those people you just feel like should be succeeding.  She's got a good thing going with those buttery leather moccs, and hello, they actually stay on those fat little sausage feet!  Win - win if you ask me.  ;)

Here are some photos from a recent sunny, fall day of Lyla "Dora-the-Exploring" around our backyard in her adorable lilac moccs.  

- K


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  1. You've now proven that lilac moccasins can be worn with anything, And what a strong grip LR has for a 1.8 year old!